Zoella Net Worth

Who is Zoella and what is her net worth 2018? Zoella is a beautiful young woman who is currently rocking the world with all her beauty knowledge and understanding on how to keep your looks on ‘fleek’ as the current generation would call it. Looking at how beautiful she looks, and visiting her YouTube channel, you will understand why many women love her. She is not selfish when it comes to beauty tips as well as fashion tips. She lays bare all her knowledge for all people to use it to improve themselves. As a fashion and beauty vlogger, a YouTuber, and also an author, she has surely done well for herself and many other women out there.

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg, famously known by her YouTube user name Zoella, is an amazing woman who was born in the year 1990. She is of British descent. Her sister is called Joe Sugg who is also a vlogger and also an internet personality. She attended The Corsham School Secondary School and also Arts College.

Zoella Net Worth

Zoella started her career by working at an Interior Design company where she was an apprentice. In February 2009, she created her blog called Zoella. By the time that year was ending, she had already attracted a total of a thousand followers. This was a great start because she had started being the voice that many people would listen to. By the year 2015, a total 540 million people had visited her blog.

After creating her blog, she expanded it to a YouTube channel. At this time she was working for New Look which was a British clothing retailer company. In 2013, she was named the National Citizen’s Service ambassadors, and in 2014, he became the first to hold the title for Digital Ambassador. This was for a charity called Mind which focused on Mental Health.

Opening a YouTube channel (Zoella 280390) was a great move. The channel primarily focuses on beauty, fashion, and also videos for her favourite products in every month. She also has another channel called MoreZoella that mostly features Vlogs of her day to day life. She is a member of Style Haul Network and has also collaborated with many other internet personalities and YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, Grace Helbig, Louise Pentland, and many others.

Zoella is a very influential social media character and has been named one of the most influential tweeters by The Telegraph. Her twitter page has over 8 million followers, her YouTube channel has over 976 million views and over 11 million subscribers, and her Instagram page has over 11 million followers. If success can be measured by the number of followers one has, then Zoella is successful.

Zoella has also published many books that have been successful. She has published a sequel to Girl Online (2014), Girl Online: On Tour (2015), and Girl Online: Going Solo (2016). She has also launched her line of beauty products that are doing excellently in the market. From 2011, Zoella has won several awards like the Cosmopolitan Blog Award, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award, and Teen Choice Award. She has also received a nomination for Shorty Award.

Zoella net worth

Zoella is a woman who has built her castle. She is a queen and a beauty queen to top it up. She has done well to provide for herself the life that she lives now thanks to her skills passion, and her dedication. Zoella has an estimated net worth of $4.5 million.

Zoella is a woman that is accomplishing her goals with much more to do and a brighter future ahead. With a net worth like that and a career that is still moving forward at a speedy rate, you can be sure that she will be surpassing your expectations sooner than later.