Welven Da Great Net Worth 2019

Who is Welven Da Great and what is his net worth 2019? Born in The United States, Welven Da is a 1988 born Instagram star who rose to popularity due to his “Deez Nuts” comedy video. A mentally challenged guy who is followed by people not just for the sake of entertainment his videos provide, but also because it’s not a usual scene when such a guy gets the fun going. He has more than 25 thousand followers on Instagram.

Early Life

The real name of Welven Da is Welvin Harris. He hails from long beach in the state of California. At nearly 30 years of age, he has proved that any disability or illness cannot stop anyone from becoming what they deserve. He is a Gemini by birth sign. His name Welven Da Great is most commonly used due to his diverse fan following on the social networking site, Instagram. He proved that Internet has enough power to give stardom to even the unluckiest and unlikeliest people and overnight success is not the thing from the past. In an interview, he said that he is very picky about his women and he doesn’t like fat women.

Welven Da Great Net Worth

There are people who are physically perfect like us and then there are others who can’t help with the inability they posses. And Welven Da Great is the one of those people from the second kind who is rising to a short term stardom and presently at the topmost phase of his life yet.

It seems clear that Unless and until he is discussed worldwide, it is doubtful if people will take a lot of interest in his life and problems. No one knew that a person with some disabilities can be famous among thousands of people, but thanks to the social media revolution and to his catch phrases “Got Em” and “Who don’t got no bitches”, he is among the famous people on Instagram and he is even more famous than some of the C-list celebs as well.

Net Worth of Welven Da Great

He has an estimated net worth of $600 thousand. He earns most of his income from party appearances. He presently gets a whooping amount of $4500 for party appearances, drinking liquors, hob-knob with the masses and stand ups which give him a long list of bookings during weekends. He had weaknesses in form of his disabilities and he turned those weaknesses into strengths and is earning a lot of money with that. Turning a weakness into a strength is one of the best things one could do with his life and Welven Da Great has definitely turned his fortune with his talents.

At an age of 30, he has already had a lot of controversial news at his name. Amber rose announced him to be a future dad of her next baby whereas some nude pictures also stormed the internet. He is shining in videos and stage shows of other famous celebs as well. Kendrick Lamar even played as Welven Da Great In Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” Video. You can easily contact him for bookings through his public email address: