Vitalyzdtv Net Worth

Currently of young age 25, VitalyzdTv is the famous YouTube username of Zdorovetskiy. He is a Russian-American based YouTube personality whose major channel videos, as of December of 2016, have attained more than 1.3 billion views as well as more than 9.2 million subscribers. On the other hand, his vlog channel has more than 250 million views as well as about 1.9 million subscribers. Net worth of Vitalyzdtv is amassed mainly from being a YouTube personality; you can get further details below:

Vitalyzdtv Biography

Born in Murmansk, located in Russia, Zdorovetskiy relocated to Odessa, in Ukraine soon after, the place where he was brought up. Afterwards, his family settled to Florida, and here he appeared in a high school for around two years. Moreover, he tried attempted to transform as an official skateboarder during his early age however he left it because of wounds. Soon after crossing 18, he participated in one adult film based scene through adult actress named as Diamond Kitty for adult entertainment firm named as Bang Bros in year 2011.

Vitalyzdtv Net Worth 2017-2018

In year 2012, Zdorovetskiy got his leading prominent success, by video named as “Miami Zombie Attack Prank!” After getting motivated by cannibal bout of a displaced person in Miami in the same year, Zdorovetskiy was dressed up in form of a zombie. Also, he travelled to few of the poorest based neighbourhoods in Miami to fright accidental passers-by.

By year 2015, “Miami Zombie Attack Prank!” was watched over 30 million times. It is known that a sequel video joke was made under production in Columbus, located in Ohio. The corresponding video attained five million views inside one week on YouTube. Zdorovetskiy as well as cameraman named as Jonathan Vanegas shoot “Russian Hitman Prank”.

Being part of prank, he came in contact with a Boca Raton man as well as educated him they had around one minute to get away from one portfolio he positioned on the ground. After he discovered the entire situation to be a prank as well as that there was a concealed camera neighbouring, the person began attacking him as well as his partner and summoned the police.

In year 20, 2013, he also launched his video named “Extreme Homeless Man Makeover”. In that video, he supports a homeless person named Martin as well as offers him through new garments as well as a hotel room. This video uploading caused in a job proposal which was accepted by Martin.

In the next year, he dragged a prank that engaged him dressing up in form of Leatherface belonging from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, fantasizing to display legs of Hanhart syndrome patient named Nick Santonastasso. This was done through chainsaw in facade of credulous spectators. The corresponding prank became viral, attaining more than 30 million views in span of 3 weeks.

Zdorovetskiy presently resides in Los Angeles along with his mother. He is featured in a film in association with his friends namely Dennis Roady and Roman Atwood, both these are fellow YouTube jokers. In year 2015, Lionsgate formally attained universal distribution rights meant for Natural Born Pranksters.

How much is Vitalyzdtv Net worth in 2017

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy is chiefly identified as a Russian American based comedian attaining net worth of $2.3 million US dollars as of 2017. He has received notoriety on account of his public prank based videos, posted on his YouTube account. It is found that recent statistics inferred from year 2013 specify that his films have relished more than 344 million distinct views whereas his own channel owns cumulative membership of over 4 million subscribers, suggesting his high income.

Few of his pranks comprise stunts such as disturbing the peace, performing a Russian hit man, dispensing fake DUI tickets, false gay fights, deceitful zombie attacks, poop pranks, communicating in Russian language through strangers, mature baby pranks and several others.

Channel videos by Vitalyzdtv have billions of views and millions of subscribers globally. He encompassed all kinds of videos on his channel encompassing various kinds of pranks based videos too.