Tucker Carlson Net Worth

Tucker Carlson is a well-known American commentator for the Fox News. He is born and brought up in the United States. Apart from being a commentator on the Fox News, he is also a website owner of ‘The Daily Caller’. Tucker Carlson net worth is remarkably glorious as per his achievements in life. He has exhibited his talent and skill as a media journalist. The net worth of Tucker Carlson is totally impressive and noteworthy.

Tucker Carlson Biography

Tucker Carlson is an American by birth, born on 16 May 1969, in the United States. Tucker belongs from a conservative Republican family. He is the son of the former news anchor and U.S ambassador Richard Warner Carlson. Tucker had two mothers, the former one is Lisa McNear Lombardi and his stepmother is Patricia Caroline Swanson.

Tucker Carlson Net Worth 2017-2018

He has a younger brother named as Buckley Swanson Peck Carlson. Tucker did her schooling from St George School and later attended college from the University of Trinity with a degree in History. This subject made him understand the political angle and scenario of the country and this lead him to a career as a political analyst.

In 1991, he got married to his school classmate Susan Andrews and they together have three daughters and one son.

Being from a political background, Tucker exhibited his skill in the field of journalism. He started his career as an editorial staff of ‘Policy Review’ published by the Heritage Foundation. This careerist opportunity leads his foundation to a conservative political journalist. After that, there was no stop to his journalism career; one by one he has joined as a reporter at several news agencies like ‘Little Rock’, ‘The Weekly Standard’, and the ‘Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’. He has also worked as a columnist for ‘Readers Digest’, and ‘New York’. In 2002, he became the youngest news anchor at CNN but left the job in 2005. He then joined Fox News where he is currently working now as a political commentator.

In Fox news channel, he used to host the popular show ‘Fox and Friends’ which was a huge success for the channel. At times, he has also written several articles and columns for ‘The New Republic’, ‘The Daily Beast’, ‘The Weekly Standard’, and ‘The New York Times Magazine’. Previously, he used to host ‘Crossfire’, and ‘The Spin Room’ on CNN. In 2016, Carlson hosted a new show on the Fox News ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ which became a prime time show on the Fox News channel. In 2003, Carlson released his autobiography ‘Politicians, Partisans and Parasites: My Adventures in Cable News’ which was published by Warner Books.

• Tucker Carlson has hosted his own show and titled it on his own name ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Fox News in the prime time slot.

• Carlson was the website Co-founder and former Editor of ‘The Daily Caller’.

Tucker Carlson Net Worth and Income Profile in 2017

Tucker Carlson has received a mighty level of success throughout his career. He is a well-known news correspondent and columnist as well. He has led enormously a glorious life to his achievements. The perks of being a successful journalist made him earn remarkable salary till now. It has been estimated that the political correspondent Tucker Carlson has a net worth of $9 million US dollars approximately in 2017.

Tucker Carlson is truly a mighty journalist with outspoken words and he has never feared of saying the truth to the public. He has always rightfully said that pen is mightier than swords through his writings and columns in the magazines and newspapers.