Tom Leykis Net Worth

Tom Leykis is acknowledged as an American based talk radio personality greatest recognized for being host of The Tom Leykis Show during period 1994 till 2009 (which is nationally syndicated), and from April 2012 to right now (as internet streamcast/podcast). Birth of Tom Leykis was during the time his parents -Harry and Laura resided in the Bronx. His childhood was spent in The Bronx, located in New York and he has two sisters namely Terry and Anne as well as one brother named Jim. He is basically of Jewish, Irish, and Ukrainian origin.

His Jewish based grandfather, who was basically from Kiev, immigrated to Lithuania and afterwards to US during turn of 20th century apparently to discharge the ancient anti-Semitic pogroms inside Russian based Empire. Moreover, he has frequently stated that his ancestry is immaterial to his life as well as his undertakings in radio business. He finished high school education and he completed graduation at an age 16. Later he relocated away from his family in order to learn broadcasting at a university; however he left it because of financial concerns.

Tom Leykis Net Worth 2017-2018

Leykis started his radio career from the state of New York in year 1970. When he was of age 14, he once stayed as a fill-in host for WBAB and afterwards worked in year 1979 for WPIX talk show based comedy entitled The Simone Phone. Here he was presented as host’s assistant. Being a program director while at KFYI, he built a politically experienced host line-up introducing himself as a “left leaning libertarian” during afternoons.

Also, he was identified for his technique of collecting new guests for that station by inciting rival station named KTAR. After he left Phoenix, he relocated to Los Angeles in order to function for KFI and here he stayed as host of a talk-radio program during 1988 till 1992, in designation of liberal colleague to Rush Limbaugh.

In this time, KFI was actually famous through $6,000 Federal Communications Commission (briefly as FCC) offensiveness charged on the celebrity’s on-air comments; though, the fine levied was funded in full right from charities by listeners.

Leykis later shifted to WRKO and Boston. Then after, he resigned from Boston station for getting alternate job in Los Angeles after an exposed domestic commotion with then-wife named Susan in year 1993. I The Tom Leykis Show started in year 1994 propagating from Los Angeles.

Firstly the show was frequently political by nature, a point which he focused during launch of each episode by announcing his show as the only prevalent radio talk show which is not being hosted by right-wing wacko or an imprisoned felon”, corresponding references to radio hosts namely Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy, respectively. Apart from politics, this host normally deliberated relationships, religion and many other concerns.

Other than his weekday based show, he started hosting a latest syndicated based show named as The Tasting Room in year 2005. It encompasses lifestyle matters like spirits and wine, luxury cars, as well as high-end technology. Usually, Leykis deliberates one topic each hour in Format. In this, he will present the topic just by reading news article or even peer-reviewed study, or even by deliberating personal story or understanding.

How much is Tom Leykis Net worth in 2017

Tom Leykis is usually referred as an American based talk radio personality possessing net worth of $25 million US dollars as of 2017. This celebrity is extensively identified for syndicated show by him, entitled “The Tom Leykis Show”, which stopped airing in year 2009. He presently hosts the wine as well as a food radio show entitled “The Tasting Room with Tom Leykis”, adding to his income.

Throughout his career, Tom Leykis attained fame by appearing in The Tom Leykis Show for long time i.e. during period 1994 till 2009. Though he shifted from one radio station to another, but gradually he gained steadiness in his career.