Tom Cassell Net Worth 2019

Who is Tom Cassell and what is his net worth 2019? Better well-known as Tom Syndicate or just Syndicate, Tom Cassell is renowned as a British youtuber as well as a vlogger of present age 24. This celerity operates a youtube channel named TheSyndicateProject, the one that has developed as one of the topmost 100 most subscribed channels on this website, and even e channel named Syndicate. Moreover, he is too a vice president for, recognised as a gambling site which landed Cassell as well as his site in middle of a big legal as well as social controversy. Net worth of Tom Cassell is high and keeps growing, get more details here:

Early Life

When Cassell was a child, he appeared in a secondary school situated in Oldham, in Greater Manchester. He left this school and resigned his job continued at McDonald’s. This was after he took his A-levels at a college and confirmed against university to focus on youtube channel by him.

Tom Cassell Net Worth


Cassell launched his youtube channel named TheSyndicateProject in year 2010. This channel was made formerly on Halo as well as Modern Warfare 2 based let’s play videos, however it originated to fame by launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops based “zombies” mode as well as his following videos presenting the gamemode on channel. It also later on developed because of the series entitled as “The Minecraft Project”.

Moreover, he too runs second channel entitled as “Life Of Tom”, before recognised as SyndicateCentral, consisting mainly the vlogs. By August of year 2017, the second channel possesses more than 2.5 million subscribers as well as 390 million views.

Furthermore, Cassell has too deposited a big following on additional forms of global social media, having more than 2.4 million followers on platform of Twitter through a handle named @ProSyndicate as well as got 1.7 million on Instagram below an username @Syndicate.

Other than his main career, Cassell has faced some issues with FTC based rules in his career. In year 2013 he was compensated $30,000, with many powerful youtubers, to endorse afresh propelled Xbox One console by Microsoft. This promotion was accomplished by advertising agency of Microsoft and ran by Machinima Inc.

This endorsement continued of FTC rules as “influencers” were unable to reveal that they were actually funded by Microsoft to mention good about things of Xbox One as well as its games”. In year 2015, Gamasutra stated that Montoya and Cassell may have violated FTC rules again on confessions for youtubers because of issuing manifold let’s play videos of game entitled Dead Realm in absence of revealing their monetary links to that product.

Net Worth of Tom Cassell

Net worth of Tom Cassell is $5.5 Million presently. He has amassed such high income by being a youtuber, and his youtube channel recorded over 9.9 million subscribers by 1.9 billion video views. Moreover, his net worth is high as he is Vice President of one gambling site named as In year 2014, he with youtuber named Adam Montoya in collaboration with a media firm named 3BlackDot started a multi-channel based network entitled as Jetpak, directing for a higher fair payment based model for revenue done.

Tom Cassell is greatest famous for being a Vice President of one gambling site named as He regularly uploads videos on his youtube channel and has amassed high number of subscribers in millions.