Toby Fox Net Worth 2019

Who is Toby Fox and what is his net worth 2019? Toby Fox is a young celebrity, renowned alternatively as FwugRadiation. Essentially Fox is acknowledged as a music composer as well as outstanding game developer. This celeb developed the censoriously commended RPG entitled Undertale as well as made production of its soundtrack released in year 2015. Details like net worth of Toby Fox along his career and information of his personal life can be obtained below:

Initially Fox was a follower of the game named EarthBound and started as a forum associate on its fansite known by name He stayed as an active participant on this site as well as he accomplished one of the forums of site till year 2011. Prior beginning performance on Undertale, Fox had limited familiarity in process of actual game development excluding the imperfect games he frequently developed with three brothers by use of the proprietary game engine. For some time, Fox also developed gane-Undertale in the cellar of webcomic artist named Andrew Hussie, recognised for making the prevalent comic –Homestuck and for this Fox too composed tracks.

Toby Fox Net Worth


Firstly Fox began career through a forum membership at a site under the dubbed “Radiation” where he fared the PK Hack forum of website. Initially, he entered the public eye through his notorious “EarthBound Halloween Hack”, too recognised as “Press the B Button, Stupid!”, and it was basically a proposal for 2008 Halloween Funfest. Moreover, Fox even produced music for the Homestuck, after this he worked to make Undertale and it was partly developed in Hussie’s cellar.

Essentially Toby Fox is acknowledged as the creator of Undertale and he even produces music, chiefly for the Homestuck music squad, available on the label named What Pumpkin. It is found that Radiation started as a fan musician, uploading music which is not linked with the official team. After teaming up with the music squad after Homestuck’s launch, Fox has higher or lesser turned out as the leader of the music squad and is extremely productive with his own creation.

Moreover, in his career, he has too made a wholly insane Halloween- EarthBound hack identified as The Halloween Hack. In his career, he too developed as well as launched an autonomously produced RPG by name- Undertale. This has actually become more prominent as well as popular than his Homestuck creation.

Moreover, his creator named as Thumbprint is the configuration “Megalovania”, which makes appearance over his three greatest renowned projects. This essentially includes the last of the three versions as the Undertale version has attained the highest attention online. The particular theme too performs in additional EarthBound fan based game, acknowledged as Cognitive Dissonance.

Discussing his personality, Fox is essentially a self-taught kind of musician as well as he has created soundtracks for several games. He also created soundtracks for comics comprising Alternia, Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead and Homestuck.

His creation-Undertale was launched to rave reviews by several publications as well as magazines. The game and Fox was nominated as well as won several awards like Best Debut, Game of the Year, and Best Game Ever as well. Owing to Fox’s response to the huge achievement of his personal game, he mentioned that it overcome him and produced excessive stress.

Net Worth of Toby Fox

Net worth of this music composer and game developer -Toby Fox is $2.5 million. Fox continuously seeks motivation and works sincerely to boost his income. When the matter arrives to his influences for music production, Fox mentions that he attempts to be enthused by everything he hear to, particularly tracks featured in video games which increases his income substantially.

Toby Fox is essentially an indie based video game developer, musician and composer, commonly renowned for composing and developing the soundtrack for the censoriously commended roleplaying game entitled as Undertale.