Tmartn Net Worth 2019

Who is Tmartn and what is his net worth 2019? Trevor Martin is a well- known face for YouTube users. He is known as TmarTn amongst his fan. He got is his onset making videos about the Call of Duty game franchise. Over the years, his fan following and number of subscriber for his YouTube channel has grown enormously. He has expended his wings on other social platform such as twitch, Twitter and Facebook as well.

One more channel is there under his name where he posts videos of Let’s Play. With over 3.3 million subscribers, he is ruling over the heart of citizens. So, how much this online sensation earns? How much is the net worth of TmarTn? Let’s find out, but before proceeding further we need to throw some light on his personal life in order to have a better understanding of his background and the situations behind his success.

Tmartn Net Worth

Early Life

Trevor was born on September 4, 1992 in Daytona Beach at Florida. Though he owns a degree in finance from a reputed university, but that doesn’t play any role in his success. His online business is offering him more than what a high-profile job pays off.

Not only his videos but his personal life is also a hot topic among his fans. Earlier, he dated a gorgeous girl Kelsie Bartlettt for a long time. The union came to an end in 2014.Trevor found his soul mate in Chelsea Kreiner who is an eminent blogger. She has an expert hand in cooking. Her blogs are all about the sumptuous cooking recipes. The name of her blog channel is “The Savory slice”. The spark fueled between them in 2015 when they started dating each other.


Trevor started minting money via YouTube when he created his YouTube channel in May 2010. It was a time when online gaming and YouTube was a rage among youngster and Trevor also got fascinated with this. He started posting videos about “Call Of Duty” that was a popular game at that time.

His unique content and presentation skills gave him an edge over other and compelled the viewers to click at “Subscribe” icon. Slowly and gradually he cemented his feet in virtual world. Today, he owns two YouTube channels that have more than 3.2 million and 2.2 million subscriber respectively. On a daily basis, his channels get 720,000 hits per day. Recently, he caught up in a controversy.

He, along with his friends, created Counter Strike: GO site that allow a player to gamble on in-game items. This venture of his was charged with gambling. But, despite this, he still holds the same place in the heart of his viewer and fans.

Talking about the awards and nomination of Trevor will leave you amazed with his popularity that he has with any trophy.

Net Worth of TmarTn

Trevor has a constant income from his online business. His videos, the commercials and other promotional activity pay him a million dollar check. At present, the youth icon own as estimated net worth of $1.5 million. His net worth got a hike with his endorsement with companies like Kontrol Freek.

Trevor is a source of inspiration for online gaming nerds. His videos are like an elixir for gaming freaks. He is going to entertain with his unique content for many more years.