Thomas Girardi Net Worth

The world has seen many great lawyers; lawyers that serve the people whole hearted and have dedicated their lives to see that justice is served. There are many types of lawyers, and they are categorized based on their area of expertise. Even so, they all serve one purpose; they defend the weak. There is nothing nobler than this. One great lawyer of our times is Mr. Thomas Girardi. He is a renowned attorney who has an endless list of success.

Thomas Girardi Early life

Thomas Girardi is an iconic figure in today’s legal sector. He was born in the year 1939 in the month of June. He is of an American descent and studied at Loyola High School located in Los Angeles where he graduated in the year 1957. He enrolled at Loyola Marymount University where he received his undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts and graduated in the year 1961. He then enrolled at Loyola Law School where he attained his LL.B. in 1964. He later enrolled at New York University School of Law for a master’s degree and graduated with L.L.M in the year 1965.

Thomas Girardi Net Worth 2017-2018

In 1970, Girardi filed a law suit against a hospital for medical malpractice and managed to get awarded with more than $1 billion for damages. He was the very first attorney in California to have such a great success story. On another case, he helped the residents of Hinkler, a desert community found in California to successfully sue a major gas and electric company called Pacific Gas and Electric company’. The residents were putting the blame on incidents f cancer developments on the company’s waste products that leak into their water source and contaminate it. The company paid $333 million to the residents following the law suit. This was a great service to the public and an inspiration to many.

Girardi has been able to work on over 30 cases that the verdicts included a payment of $1 million or even more than that. He has also handled over 100 settlements that resulted in a pay of $1 million or more. Other than these, he has tried cases with juries that amount to more than 100 and winning most of them. In one case, he sued Ford Motor Company that had a defective seatbelt. Because of this, a six years old child became paralyzed. The company paid $45.5 million for damages.

There are so many cases that Girardi has tried and won, and there are so many suits he has filed against companies successfully. All these he does for the people. He is a high profile attorney that specializes in wrongful death cases, products liability, toxic torts, bad faith liability, and the likes. For his excellence, he has received numerous honors and awards like Trial Lawyer of the Year, Champion of justice from Loyola Law School, and much more.

Thomas Girardi net worth

With all his fame and all the hard work he has put in developing his career and even owning his law firm, Girardi is estimated to have a net worth of around $32 million US dollars as of 2017. There is no way he will be worth anything else when what he does is sue companies worth millions and billion for a living.

Girardi is one man that you can always expect to help the weak in the society. He will get them a compensation that no other lawyer can. Winning is his way of life, and we are happy because his winning means that the public wins. This is the perfect career for him.