Terry Dubrow Net Worth 2019

Who is Terry Dubrow and what is his net worth 2019? Many times have women sought after plastic surgery in a bid to fix what is wrong or to further enhance their beauty. There are also men that have sought after plastic surgery for numerous reasons. Whatever the reasons are, the results are always the desired enhancement in one’s looks. The only thing that one needs to ensure is that they get their plastic surgery procedure done by a professional. If not, the chances of making a situation worse are very high. Afterward, you will start moving from one place to another looking for a surgeon to repair the damage and improve the looks. This is when you end up finding yourself at Dr. Terry Dubrow’s office looking for help.

Early Life

Dubrow is a certified plastic surgeon. He is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery and also by the California Medical Board. He is a member of the American College of Surgeons also. His mother is called Laura, and his father is Alvin Dubrow. He studied at Yale University as well as University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine where he studied medical sciences. He completed his residency in general surgery and later became the chief resident at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and completed his fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery there.

Terry Dubrow Net Worth


Dr. Terry Dubrow is a renowned plastic surgeon and the most sought after surgeon in our times. He is famous for his successful surgeries throughout California. His specialty includes facelifts, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty, breast revision cases that are difficult, and many other procedures. Because of his success, he featured in a reality show called the Swan. He was also featured in Bridalplasty, Botched, and Good Work.

Botched and Good work are still running ever since they started in 2014. He is a co-host and co-executive producer of Botched. This is a reality show that airs on E! It is a show that helps people deal with their plastic surgery wrongs by repairing their flaws and making them right. Dr. Dubrow lives for challenges, and he has been able to help a lot of people. He has impacted lives, transformed them and restored the joy of many people in the world.

What sets this plastic surgery genius apart from the rest of the surgeon is that he loves what he does. He also holds in high esteem the patient’s ambitions, concerns, and goals. He also advocates for minimal procedures that can result in a natural look.

Having a look at all that he has managed to do for people will make you understand that he is a genius of plastic surgery.

Net Worth of Terry Dubrow

Terry Dubrow is estimated to have a net worth of $32 million. He is worth this amount and so much more. All the cases that he handles are not as simple as people think. The bigger chunk of this money is driven from his reality shows and his plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Dubrow is a game changer when it comes to plastic surgery. Every celebrity and every rich person are always looking for him to access his services. This is because he is a pro at what he does and can be trusted to deliver excellence. All the people that he has impacted with his skills will forever be grateful to him.