Simon Konecki Net Worth 2018

Who is Simon Konecki and what is his net worth 2018? Simon Christopher Konecki also known with his nick name “Swampy”, is a well renowned personality all over the world. What makes him stand out in the crowd is his indomitable spirit which keeps him going every single day. Apart from being successful in his ventures, he is undoubtedly a humble man.

Early Life

Born on April 17, 1974, Simon Konecki is a multifaceted personality who came into limelight after he decided to marry Adele. Initially, Simon Konekki was an investment banker but the rising gap between rich and poor became the driving force for his extreme philanthropic work in the name of humanity.

Simon Konecki Net Worth

Simon Konecki tied a knot with a well renowned fashion stylist namely Clary Fisher in the year 2004. However, they divorced within 4 years of their marriage. Also, Simon Konecki is presently wedded to Adele and they had their first child namely Angelo James Konecki in the year 2012.

Simon Konecki spent initial few years of his life in New York before he decided to move in London. After moving to London, he got an opportunity to become a part of Eton boys school. Thereafter, he also served as the director of a famous investment group namely EBS. At this time, he also got a chance to collaborate with another business partner namely Lucas White. At a mere age of 17, he became a foreign exchange broker. Not only this, he also played the role of being a philanthropist well. His idea for Life Water helped him to raise enough money which was eventually utilised for a charity namely Drop4Drop. This further played an instrumental role in his successful career.

Simon Konecki is a popular face as he is known majorly for his charitable and philanthropic missions all over the world. He co-founded Life Water which played an instrumental role in providing eco friendly bottled water to citizens of UK. Another such incredible contribution program was Drop4Drop which provides clean water to the people living in poor countries at minimal prices.

Net Worth of Simon Konecki

Simon’s net worth is not exactly known to us. However, according to a report in 2016 it is estimated to be in millions. It can be speculated that he is not wealthier than his wife Adele as she is one of the most popularly known pop singers in the world.

In a nutshell, Simon Konecki is one of the versatile personalities all over the world. His commitment towards work has influenced people to dream big in life and chase their goal till the last breath. He is a man of action and has achieved indefeasible feats in life within a short span of time. No wonder that he has been acclaimed by his competitors from versatile fields. Also, a few among us have the vigor and enthusiasm to make a change in the world through our generous actions. Undoubtedly, Simon Konecki has played an instrumental role in trying to bring a change in the world we live in.