Shepard Smith Net Worth

Who is Shepard Smith and what is his net worth 2018? Shepard Smith is an American television news anchor. Smith was the former host of “Studio B weekdays” and “Shepard Smith Reporting” on Fox News Channel. In 2013, Smith was promoted to be the managing editor and host of “Breaking News Division” of Fox News Channel.

So, how did he earn all his fortune? Let us take a deeper look at his income and wealth and find details about Shepard Smith’s income profile and how did he make a great net worth.

Shepard Smith Net Worth

Shephard Smith was born David Shepard Smith Jr. on 14th January 1964 to David Shepard Smith Sr., a cotton merchant and Dora Ellen Anderson, an English teacher in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Smith attended a private school, Marshell Academy, in Holly Springs. He then went on to graduate from a high school in Florida.

Smith majored in journalism from the University of Mississippi. Smith was two credits shy from graduation. Smith’s parents separated while he was in high school. On 10th May 2008, Smith gave the annual commencement address at his Alma Matar the University of Mississippi. Smith also returns to the university during college football season.

In 1987 Smith married his classmate from University of Mississippi, Virginia Donald. However, the couple divorced in 1993 and has no children. In 2017, Smith came out as gay.

As a reporter Smith worked for WCJB-TV, WSVN, WBBH-TV, and WCPX-TV. Smith’s first television reporter contract was with WJHG-TV in Panama City. Smith began his career in 1996 with Fox News Channel. As a significant move in his career Smith covered the death and funeral of “Princess of Wales, Dianna”. Smith’s reporting at that time was considered to be one of his outstanding works.

In 2000 during the United States presidential election, Smith reported from Florida on the Florida ballot counting controversy. In 2001, Smith covered the execution of Timothy McVeigh from Terre Haute, Indiana. In late August 2005, Smith reported on the Hurricane Katrina. Smith covered in detail the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina.

In the US cable news history, Smith’s “The Fox Report” was deemed as a top-rated newscast. The Fox Report held a top third rank among programs in the U.S. cable news. Smith is the key news anchor for the Fox TV network. Smith anchors most prime time news presentations on Fox News. As endorsed by most Americans Smith is one of the most trustworthy news anchor and news reporters across all TV news channel in USA.

In 2003, according to a survey conducted by TV Guide poll Smith is the second most news anchor on cable news and TV network. Smith ties in this position with other eminent journalist such as Peter Jennings and Dan Rather. Currently Smith is the managing editor of the new “Breaking News” division of Fox News Channel. Smith is the host of the show “Shepard Smith Reporting”. In 2013, “Shepard Smith Reporting” started airing from the 3 PM time slot.

Smith appeared in films such as Volcano and Fahrenheit 9/11. As Fox News Channel anchor covering the Iraq War on March 2003 – a video of Smith, was used in the film Fahrenheit 9/11.

Shepard Smith Net Worth

Smith’s his net worth is estimated to be around $28 million. Smith’s annual salary is estimated to be around $10 million. According to reports published by The New York Times on 19th November, 2007, Smith has signed a three-year contract with Fox News. As per the contract Smith’s remuneration stands at $7 million to $8 million per year. Smith undisputedly is one of the highest paid news anchors. Smith’s contract was renewed on 26th October 2010, for next three years.

Shepard Smith’s long career is a proof of his talent and caliber as a journalist. Today he is hailed as one of the greatest powerful actors in the world of television news reporting and media. He is lauded for his journalistic abilities and will go down in history as legend.