Shaycarl Net Worth

Who is Shaycarl and what is his net worth 2018? The winner of the ‘Best YouTube Channel or Personality’, 37 years of old Shay Carl Butler or better known as ‘ShayCarl’, is a famous American vlogger and YouTube personality who has an amazing family to make everyone laugh with. He was always into the entertainment league, yet it took him almost a decade or two to become one finally on 2007. Butler owns three YouTube channels, and two of them have more than three millions of subscribers– ShayCarl and Shaytards. The journey of his vlogging did not merely end on YouTube; his ‘Maker Studio’ has become one of the hits in the USA as well. Butler was awarded by Forbes as the ‘Most successful video entrepreneur’ in 2011.

Many people try to open their own YouTube channels, but not all of them win the race. Wondering how well Shay Carl Butler is doing with his YouTube career? Well, check it out now. Here we will discuss the Net worth of Shay Carl and other background checks as well.

Shaycarl Net Worth 2018-2019

Shay Carl Butler was born on 5th March 1980 in a small city of Utah. He was the oldest of four children of Carl and Laurie Butler. When Butler was only four years old, they moved to Phoenix, Arizona. In Arizona, Shay Carl’s father took admission in pursuing Electrical Engineering and after he graduated they again moved to a new place, Pocatello, Idaho. Shay Carl completed his high school journey from a local school and started serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Barbados. Later, he took admission in Idaho State University but dropped out his college to start earning money. It is quite surprising that, all the three siblings of Shay Carl ended up being a YouTuber.

In the year of 2003, Butler married Collette, and now they have five children– Avia, Gavin, Brock, Daxton, Emmi. The whole family of Butler forms the famous YouTube channel ‘Shaytards’.

Talking about career, Shay Carl’s famous career as a YouTuber started quite lately. After dropping his university, he took jobs in various fields applying ‘error and trial’ method. In his early life, he worked as a school bus driver and installing countertops. Later, he worked as a Radio DJ in Z103 as well. All these error and trial method ended when he finally opened his YouTube account in the year of 2007, ShayCarl.

Within a year or so, he earned enormous popularity, especially after Philip DeFranco gave him a shout out. And Butner never looked back since then. Later, in 2009 he collaborated with ‘Midi Mafia’ and he 2011, his ‘Maker Studio’ was given recognition by the ‘New York Times’. Also, he has made many guest appearances on many TV shows and web series as well.

Apart from the guest appearances he made in different TV series and web series, Shay Carl won two awards. One on 2009, ‘Open Web Awards the Best YouTube Channel or Personality’ by Mashable for Shaytards and the second one on 2014, ‘4th Streamy Awards ICON Awards’ for, Shaytards. Also, he got a nomination for the ‘3rd Streamy Awards’ for Shaytards on 2013.

Apart from all these awards, Shay Carl’s YouTube channel was listed as the 3rd top channel in the New Media Rockstar’s top 100 channels. In 2015, he wrote a self-help book with his son. Also, on 2014, Shay Carl’s ‘Maker Studio’ was sold to The Walt Disney Company for $500 million.

Shaycarl Net Worth

Shaycarl has been in the news headline since he stopped his YouTube channel to rehab. However, the net worth of Shay Carl is currently $28 million. The entire income profile of Shay Carl depends on his YouTube channels and presumably his annual income is $64.9k.

‘Shaycarl’ and ‘Shaytards’ have been two famous YouTube channels that made us laugh with their hilarious family videos. From a school bus driver to the YouTube sensation, Shay Carl has come a long way despite having some personal issues recently. Today, he is hailed as one of the famous YouTubers, and his Shaytards will always be remembered as the best family vlogging ever!