Sasha Obama Net Worth 2019

Who is Sasha Obama and what is her net worth 2019? Sasha Obama is recognised as the youngest daughter of former President of US named Barack Obama and wife named Michelle. Moreover, she is also renowned to be initial African- based child to stay in the White House. Net worth of Sasha Obama is undoubtedly high and you can check it below:

Early Life

This celebrity belonged from Chicago, located in Illinois and she is also known as daughter of a celebrity. In year 2005 her father was known to be chosen Senator of Illinois, and later in year 2009, the prestigious designation of President of the US. This girl was brought up in Chicago till her father was designated President, at which she relocated along her family in the White House. While the family resided in the Chicago, this girl and her elder sister named Malia, studied at a school in Chicago till the family shifted to Washington, located in D.C., where she started studying in a private school. While residing in Chicago, the girl was involved in busy schedules, going in gym and work on piano and tennis as well.

Sasha Obama Net Worth


In year 2009, this girl also started making appearances in the reality kind of television series entitled First Family. The series records the personal as well as professional lives of its members of family. In this reality show, Sasha accomplishes herself as a student as well as sportsperson. It is known that Sasha Obama will remain in Washington also after her father leaves the office.

For her time during freshmen season, this celeb won honour of Freshman of the Year, adding to her fame. This was in form of her help that directed the school to 35–0 record as well as got one state title, and moreover the Quakers were too positioned as the consensus No. 1 squad in the country. It is found that her older sister, who is her senior named Malia was too involved on the team. During her sophomore year, Sidwell Friends misplaced top player Malia, as they completed the season 33–1, however they fail to defend their three successive title.

Apart from this, Sasha worked for short time at a summer job held at Nancy’s, which is essentially one seafood restaurant running in Martha’s Vineyard. It is found that her jobs included serving as a cash register, busing tables as well as prepping the cafeteria prior it is opened for lunch.

Discussing about Sasha’s personal life, she is focused towards her studies completely and presently she is not prepared for the relationship. It is expected that this great celeb might be waiting for the appropriate person to come in her life in the future.

Net Worth of Sasha Obama

Sasha is presently living a wonderful lifestyle, because she belonged from very rich family. Sasha has accomplished to gross a good net worth of $450 thousand. In year 2014, Sasha was called by Time magazine as one of “The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014”, adding to her fame. Apart from this, Obama seek the limelight as a kid when she resided in the White House throughout the Obama premiership, hence her net worth is started to increase at early age.

Very few star kids are dedicated the way Sasha Obama is. Besides being daughter of President of U.S., she keeps on improving herself continuously.