Ronnie O’Sullivan Net Worth 2019

Who is Ronnie O’Sullivan and what is his net worth 2019? Ronnie o’Sullivan is a name that has earned immense fame and respect owing to his prodigal talent in Snooker and Pool. Born in Wordsley, West Midlands, England, in the year 1975, Ronnie holds a number of titles and awards that he won throughout his celebrated career. He graced the sport by winning his first UK Championship in the year 1993 followed by a World Championship victory in the year 2001. He also holds 2 world records to his accord.


The inborn talent of Ronnie first came into notice when he made his first century break at the age of 10. That was followed by a maximum break in an official tournament at a surprisingly young age of 15. 1992 marked itself as the year when Ronnie joined the big leagues and started his professional career.

Ronnie O’Sullivan Net Worth

He made quite an entrance as he achieved a winning streak of 38 matches. However, problems in the personal sphere of his life later proved to be a hindrance in his career. Both his parents went to jail. A bar fight that eventually led to the death of the other man became the reason for Ronnie’s dad’s imprisonment.

His mother was convicted of tax evasion. However, Ronnie faced all odds with his chin up and took his career to unbelievable heights. A victory at the UK Championship in 1993 initiated his series of achievements. The 1995 Masters Title further added to his grandeur. In the year 1997, Ronnie o’Sullivan displayed his untapped capabilities by clearing the table in a record 320 seconds.

This record has still not been broken. Ronnie’s career has mostly travelled uphill with a painstakingly minor number of slumps. The above statement is attributed to the fact that by the year 2009 alone, Ronnie had won 3 World Championship titles, 3 UK Championship titles, and Masters titles.

Then, after a slight road bump, Ronnie made his presence known yet again by consecutively winning two World Championship titles in years 2012 and 2013. With another Masters victory in the year 2014, he ascended to the level of greatness by making yet another world record. On the winding road the Welsh Cup, Ronnie o’Sullivan played his 12th recorded maximum.

The year 2014 also witnessed Ronnie’s victory at the UK Championship. In early 2015, the ‘Rocket’ astounded audiences yet again by making the world record distance yet again. He played his career’s record 776th century at the Masters tournament of that year.

Ronnie’s personal life experiences its fair share of ups and downs. From witnessing both his parents go to jail to suffering from drug addiction and depression, Ronnie faced it all. However, he acted like a true champion when he decided to take the path of fitness and dedication in an attempt to tame his demons.

He and his girlfriend, Jo Langley deduced to split in the year 2008. Later on, Ronnie decided to tie the knot with Laila Rouass in 2013. Sullivan is also fathering 3 children and has been reunited with his father who has completed his sentence.

Net Worth of Ronnie O’Sullivan

A celebrated player of Ronnie’s stature is sure to have made a lot of money. Consequently, it is not surprising that Ronnie o’Sullivan’s net worth closes around $13 million. That monetary success is attributed to his exceptional career as well as the books he has authored.

Ronnie o’Sullivan is a dynamic snooker player who has a plethora of awards and achievements proving his glory. Despite his personal struggles, he has achieved the kind of success that most people only manage to dream of. He has cemented his name as one of the all-time greats in the sport of Snooker.