Ron Carpenter Net Worth 2019

Who is Ron Carpenter and what is his net worth 2019? Ron Carpenter is a typographer in the English language. Despite having Initially gotten skills to be a cartographer, he later decided to be a typeface designer. Presently, he works at Dalton Maag which is a font foundry. Ron Carpenter then known as Ronald Barry Carpenter was born in 1950 in Dorking. However, the specific date of the above-mentioned year is not known. He grew up in a village called Brock home, Survey. He was born to George Carpenter and Audrey Carpenter.

Early Life

He had two brothers, and he was the youngest. While still schooling, he spent the weekends working in Frank Hollands’ local chicken farm. Besides being a farmer, he was also a Brockham Bonfire Committee’s member. He also joined the amateur theater. Ron was very musical hence learned to play the harmonica as well as a guitar, performed with a band at a village hall. Additionally, as a one-man band combining them with a kick drum.

Ron Carpenter Net Worth

Ron Carpenter married Julie who she had met back in 1975. The wedding was in 1990 after a lengthy engagement. They moved in Reigate in a flat. They later bought a house after a short while right before the birth of their one and only son. They named him Morgan when he was born in 1992.

When Ron Carpenter cleared school, he was 16 years old. He trained as a cartographer. His job was surveying for Ordnance Survey and hand drawing their maps. It is during that time that he developed an interest in typography. That’s when he decided to put into practice the drawing skills he had learned previously by doing a job at Monotype. While still working for Monotype, Carpenter designed and developed his best-known font, Calisto MT in 1986 which is an old style serif.

The Calisto face was to function as both a display and text face. He was forced to leave Monotype in 1992. He started working as a freelance typographer. He later chose to work Bruno Maag at his new company by the name Dalton Maag. He presently works to mentor and train beginners and interns. He reviews new fonts when it comes to developing them. In 1986, Ron Carpenter designed the Cantoria font.

He designed Calisto and Amasis in 1992. In 1993 Ron created Dante. Ron in addition to that has also designed Co, Aktiv Grotesk, Kings Caslon, Plume, Lexia, Viato, and Stroudley when working for the Dalton Maag.

Net Worth of Ron Carpenter

With his many years of working as a typographer and a cartographer, he has become a great typeface designer. The great job has resulted in real earnings. However, no one knows his net worth. He has never disclosed anything about his earning which means that no one knows the exact figures. His net worth, however, is estimated to be $300 Thousand.

Ron Carpenter is well known for the many font types that he has designed. His best-known font is Calisto MT. He is also a mentor, trainer, and reviewer when it comes to font designs.