Ridley Scott Net Worth

Who is Ridley Scott and what is his net worth 2018? Setting the tone for future Sci-Fi movies to come, Ridley Scott broke into Hollywood through his cult hit “Alien” in 1979 which gained a massive fan following. Born in the coastal town of South Shields in Northumberland of England, he went on to attend the West Hartpool College of Art wherein he learnt the ropes of movie direction and production. He went on to win several accolades for his movies such as the Oscars and the Golden Globes. He was married twice and went on to have three children- all of them following in his own footsteps into Motion Pictures.

Post his education in the Royal College of Art in London; he began work as a set designer and director in British television. He went on to direct commercials in 1967 numbering well over 2000 for his own enterprise. He was always known for his distinctive visual style which included atmospheric lighting and general visual feel. This style carried on into his the motion pictures he directed for the Big Screen in the year 1977.

Ridley Scott Net Worth

His first movie went on to win the best first-feature award at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Winning for his first movie right off the bat, “The Duellists” was a movie set in France at the time of Napoleon’s rule. His winning streak continued into his next three international Sci-Fi and Fantasy movies with “Alien” in 1979, “Blade Runner” in 1982 and “Legend” in 1985. Alien and Blade runner are now considered as cult classics.

Scott was struck by tragedy when his brother Tony died by committing suicide August 19 2012. He jumped off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Los Angeles, California and left a suicide note in his office for people to find.

Ridley Scott has mostly been known throughout his career as a path-breaking director and a great producer. After the first four of his films gained critical acclaim and box-office success, the next films starred Michael Douglas in “Black Rain” and “Someone to Watch over Me” in the 1980’s. And who wouldn’t have heard of the classic Thelma and Loiuse in 1991, which romanticised the concept of friendship an feminism in extreme situations – being outlaws.

This movie gained quite a few Oscar nominations. This was followed by chain of failures, both critically and box-office wise. He gained traction again with the hit Roman contemporary movie, Gladiator in 2000. “Black Hawk Down” was a home run for Scott with four Oscars or Academy Awards to its name – including of course- best director.

American Gangster (2007), Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014), The Martian (2015), were all well received movies which did quite well at the box office. Alien: Covenant in 2017 is his latest offering in Motion Pictures. He also produced the TV series Numb3rs (2005–10) and The Good Wife (2009–16).

He was knighted in the United Kingdom’s 2003 New Year Honours.

Ridley Scott Net Worth

The bulk of Scott’s earnings come from Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) the production company that churns out high quality commercials by the hundreds annually and generating an annual income of $100 million. The rest of Ridley Scott’s net worth is represented by his earnings as a Director and producer in several awards winning movies and TV series. His total net worth as of today is pegged at $220 million and growing.

Ridley Scott is one of the Directing greats such as Martin Scorsese and Ron Howard, who has established a niche for himself both internationally and his home ground as well. His commercial production house is well known across the globe and shows a lot of promise with regard to expansion. Being a Director and Producer is what Ridley Scott does best, So says the Oscar Heavy Display case he owns.