Rich Dollaz Net Worth

Who is Rich Dollaz and what is his net worth 2018? Rich Dollaz is a man that is making the internet buzz like never before. Everyone is as busy trying to find information about this young man and anyone who makes any progress in getting his information is a lucky person. That makes you a lucky person too. His popularity went a notch higher when he got arrested following an incident that ensued during an interview. In case you have been wondering who Rich Dollaz is, here is your answer. Rich Dollaz is a brilliant manager for a couple of celebrity musicians, actors, authors, models, and other media personalities.

Richard Towers, famously known as Rich Dollaz was born in the year 1977 in August. He was born in Waterbury, Connecticut in the United States. He studied at Nashville in Tennessee. While he was young, he worked as an intern in a recording company; the famous Bad Boy Records and this gave him the exposure he needed to start off in his career as a manager.

Rich Dollaz Net Worth

Rich Dollaz ventured into his career as a manager long after serving at Bad Boy Records with optimism and excitement. He is a talented and skilled manager and has been able to turn many stars into success stories because of his managerial skills. He has worked with artists like Young Joc, Cassie, Gorilla Zoe, and many others.

Rich Dollaz has played a very important and active role in turning them into the success stories that they are today. Because of the nature of his work and his talent, he was cast in a reality show that was produced by VH1 called Love and Hip Hop New York.

As part of the cast, he has been able to make a lot of advancements in his career as the reality show has given him a wider exposure to the world. Rich Dollaz has described himself as a manager that makes the phone ring and not the kind that rings the phone. This means that as an artist, you can expect a lot of offers when he manages you.

Rich Dollaz has a daughter called Ashley, and she is all grown up. Rich Dollaz has started her career, and she has been linked to the Love and Hip Hop cast. Rich Dollaz also has a girlfriend called Erica Mane, and they are rumoured to have been engaged at some point even though Rich Dollaz dismissed the rumours.

Rich Dollaz net worth

Rich Dollaz has his own managing company called Dollaz Unlimited, and it is doing well. Also from his role in Love and Hip Hop New York, he gets a great amount of money. When his estimated net worth is calculated, it is found to be around $3 million. This net worth is primarily from his role in the hit reality TV show as well as his role as a manager.

Rich Dollaz has been able to attract a lot of attention, and he is also great when it comes to stirring up controversies. Even so, he is still getting his money. What matters is that at the end f the day, he can afford that luxurious car, watch, shoes, house, and every other thing you can think of.