Reynad Net Worth

Andrey “Reynad” Yanyuk is a Hearthstone player from the United States. Hearthstone is a card game that uses massive swings of chance to equalize competitors. Reynad was as always a strong competitor and became famous in the TCG Magic. Reynad retired from the magic community when he was caught cheating and was banned for 18 months. It was this moment when he turned his attention into streaming Hearthstone.

Reynad built his fan-base by streaming his Free To Play activities and popularizing decks such as Zoo and Aggro Warrior. He was the first person to host and win the arena tournament in Hearthstone history. Soon after the tournament, he released his team’s website. He is currently owner and player of Tempo Storm. According to the “”, estimated net worth of Tempo Storm (Reynad’s company) is $43 million.

Reynad Net Worth 2017-2018

Reynad was born on January 27, 1992 in Ukraine. At six years of age, he moved to Minnesota with his mother and brother. Reynad’s dad left the family when he was a baby. Reynad grew up sharing Gameboy’s and Nintendo 64’s from his neighbors and friends. When Reynad was 13 years of age, he wanted to make his career in Game designing. By the time he was 15, he was introduced to the world of Magic, the Gathering card game where he first made his name.

Reynad is 25 and has pretty much the same life like every other 25-year-old except for lots of money. He had his fare share of affairs and dramas. The most famous was, Reynad and Lea’s drama and then Reynad telling Mira about the scenes with Lea through Hearthstone streaming. Also, there was one time when Mira was invited to the party by Reynad and things went fully in the opposite direction.

Reynad left home when he was 18 and moved to Nashville to achieve his dreams. But after some failures on the road, he returned to Minnesota and started scavenging on card games like poker, magic and everything else he could find. After a series of bad luck with card games, in 2012, Reynad started streaming Magic full time. He had become one of the powerhouse, but soon he was suspended for cheating after smuggling an unlisted card into his deck list during a tournament.

His behavior resulted in his suspension of 18 months and soon he announced his retirement from the world of Magic. In a way, the controversy was probably the best things that happened to him. Reynad’s Magic streams were earning him about $500 a month. After retirement, he turned his attention to full-time streaming of Hearthstone and it changed his life forever.

Now, Reynad is the owner of eSports organization Tempo Storm. He owns teams in games including Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch. He is also a member of Tempo’s Hearthstone roster and a very popular game streamer. Recently in 2016 he sold his successful all-Brazilian Counter-Strike team to Immortals.

Considering all the success in Reynad’s gaming and business career, Reynad had his share of achievements in gaming tournaments. Recently in 2017, Reynad made into Forbes 30 under 30, Forbes 30 under 30 is basically a list of 30 individuals under the age of 30 from business, entertainment, technology, etc.

How much is Reynad Net Worth in 2017

Before starting the company, Rynad use to earn $500 from magic streaming. Today Reynad is the owner of eSports organization Tempo Storm. Estimated net worth of Tempo Storm (Reynad’s company) is $43 million.

It sounds eccentric that a guy who once slogged around America making dollars out of poker, magic card games, would suddenly develop an aptitude for business. The hard work and pure determination changed his line of work. His frustrations about earning for survival, made Reynad built Tempo Storm, which made him a millionaire today.