Prince Jackson Net Worth

Who is Prince Jackson and what is his net worth 2018? Prince Jackson, well-known for being the heir to late pop singer Michael Jackson is doing his best to keep his father’s name alive and to use his huge wealth to try and do smart things for his community. Prince Jackson, the 20-year-old boy now takes care of the charity Heal Los Angels, that aims to prevent abuse and facilitate the homeless.

Michael Joseph Jackson Junior, nicknamed “Prince,” was born on 13th Feb 1997, in Los Angels, California. He’s the very first kid of the late pop singer Michael Jackson. His biological mother is Debbie Rowe, the former wife of the vocalist. She was signed with the custody of Michael Joseph and his biological sister, Paris Michael Katherine, following her divorce with Michael Jackson in 1999. Jackson Jr. graduated from Buckley school in 2015 which is located in Sherman Oaks, California. Several of his members of the family were existing to celebrate this vital milestone, his sister Paris, granny Katherine and aunt La Toya. He is all set to attend Loyola Marymount College in Los Angeles.

Prince Jackson Net Worth

Michael’s father suffered cardiac arrest at his place in Los Angels on 25th June 2009. He died shortly after that, at the age of fifty. Following his father’s death, Michael Jr., who was twelve years old at that time, came below the legal guardianship of his granny, Katherine Jackson. Katherine became the guardian Jackson’s other siblings, Paris Michael Katherine and Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson, too. Michael Jackson Jr. and his siblings mostly stayed out of the general public spotlight, showing in public only a few number of times since their father’s death.

However, Michael Jr., Paris and Blanket did speak to their father’s fans in 2009, throughout his funeral service. They spoke at the Grammy Awards in Jan 2010 too, accepting a late lifetime accomplishment Award for his or her father.

Back in 2013, Jackson tried his hand at acting, however, he didn’t stick with it. He appeared in a single episode of The CW’s 90210 reboots. The Los Angels Times notes, he took acting classes and tried out theater appearances at the Buckley School.

In 2013, Michael Jr. started his journey of being a media personality. He served as a guest correspondent for the news show Entertainment Tonight. On the show, Michael Jr. interviewed James Franco, Zach Braff and director Sam Raimi concerning their film Oz the Great and Powerful. He has expressed an interest in getting a lot more involved in the entertainment industry, telling Entertainment Tonight that he is looking to become a producer, director, actor, and screenwriter.

Prince Jackson Net Worth

As the kid of one of the richest deceased celebrities, Jackson has a calculable net worth of $110 million. Apart from inheriting the huge wealth, Jackson wants to make his own name. So he startedKing’s Son production company producing music videos and short films. He is more into behind the camera and is a businessperson adding a significant amount to his overall net worth.

While Jackson may simply sit back and live off the money and fame his father left him, he has chosen not to. He desires to form a reputation for himself within the entertainment world, therefore he used his wealth to begin King’s Son Productions. Several years down the line ad Prince Jackson would inherit more to his children than what his father did.