Pawn Stars Net Worth

Pawn Stars is a well-known American TV series, which helps make a net worth of $23 million. The show stars four men, three members of Harrison family, including old man Richard Harrison, being the founder of ‘Gold and Silver Pawn Shop’, which transformed into a show called ‘Pawn Shops’. Pawn Stars is in its 14 seasons currently, which started airing in 2009.

Pawn Stars was originally started in 2009. Thanks to old man aka Richard Harrison who founded 1989, as ‘Gold and Silver Pawn Shop’. Later in 2009, History Network reached out to him, to start a show starting him and his staff, which consisted of his sons, Corey Harrison and Rick Harrison, who convinced his father to turn their business into an entertainment show.

Pawn Stars Net Worth 2017-2018

Chumlee aka Austin Russell is the fourth member on the show will an estimated net worth of $5 million. Austin is often considered as the Joker or the entertainer on the show, who is always the target for most of the Harrison family’s jokes.

The show illustrates a beautiful bond between the family, where they can often be seen fighting, debating and taking advice over the value of different products. The show is a rollercoaster of economics, antiques, and family drama, which helps it in standing out from the crowd and making it a huge hit.

The show started airing in 2009 on History Network. Leftfield Pictures is the lead producer of the show. The show is filmed at their World famous shop ‘Gold and Silver Pawn Shop’ in Las Vegas, Nevada, just two miles away from the infamous Las Vegas Strip.

The show is on its 14th season currently and has aired over 507 episodes. These episodes consist of 23 minutes running time. In 2009, Pawn Stars was ranked as the second show with the highest rating after Jersey Shore.

The main format of the show revolves around Richard’s Pawn shop deals. It depicts the exchange between dealers and customers.

The series has seen some major cameos from stars like Jeremy McKinnon, Steve Carell, Bob Dylan, Katie Couric, Kip Winger and Meredith Vieira etc.

In 2011, Rick also released an autobiography titled ‘License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver’.

In early 2012, Harrison’s and Russell’s manager, Wayne Jefferies was sued by Las Vegas’s Clark County District Court for illegal consumption of drugs, which forced the family to fire him off the show.

In 2016, Russell was found guilty for hiding arsenal weapons, marijuana, and other illegal drugs in his residence by Las Vegas Police who arrested and investigated the case.

Last year in a New Your Time survey, Pawn Stars was included in the list of Top 50 TV shows with the maximum likes.

Pawn Show being a popular American has received multiple awards and nominations. In 2010, National Pawnbrokers Association Harrison’s shop with the ‘Pawnbroker of the Year Award’ for bringing Pawn industry the deserved recognition and fame. In 2012 on 17 July Clark County Commission declared the date under the name of Harrison’s shop to celebrate Pawn Day.

What is net worth of Pawn Stars?

Pawn Stars helped its 4 precious stars in making a net worth of over $23 million as of 2017 excluding the Pawn shop. Richards own Pawn shop cost more than the combined net worth of all four of these TV stars. The show fuels extra dollars from video games like Pawn Stars: the Game.

Pawn Stars is without a doubt one of the most popular shows on American Television. The show celebrates the value of antiques and precious goods. Plus the casual tone of the show, which portrays the real relationship between a dealer and seller, makes the show entertaining and interesting.