Patrik Antonius Net Worth 2019

Who is Patrik Antonius and what is his net worth 2019? Patrik Antonius nicknamed as PA, Black Lotus and The Finn, is a professional poker player from Finland. He was formerly a tennis player and a coach. He also used to be a model in Vantaa. He was mentored to venture in the poker field by a poker pro named Marcel Carlo. He has won numerous pots in online poker. In 2009, he won an online poker worth $1,356,946 against Viktor Blom making a record in online poker history. He however loses in some of the poker games. In addition, he backs other poker players. Considering his erratic cash inflow and outflow, it becomes hard to accurately predict a figure that depicts his net worth.

Early Life

Patrik Antonius was born on 13th December 1980 in Helsinki, Finland. He grew up in a place called Vantaa which is just a few kilometers from Helsinki. He started playing poker with his buddies in his teens. He was also a good tennis player and at the age of 14, he would play poker with his comrades at the tennis club. Back then, he would occasionally win $1 which gave him optimal satisfaction.

Patrik Antonius Net Worth

They played 5 card stud with his friends which was governed by their own rules. Playing poker became a day to day activity and one of his friends found the rules for Omaha which they started applying in their game. Antonius participated in the “No Limit Texas Hold Em” tournament in in Helsinki and won. He turned his first $ 25 to $260 which motivated him to play more poker shifting his attention from playing tennis. He would go broke from time to time since he did not have a bankroll. However, he started becoming financially stable when he experienced constant wins at the age of twenty.


Antonius practised poker since he was in his teen However, he started being recognised as a pro in 2005. At the beginning of the year, he made two near-final-table appearances on the “World Poker Tour”. He finished third in a “European Poker Tour Event” held in Barcelona in September and Finished at second position in the “WPT Five-Diamond World Poker Classic” in December the same year.

From that point henceforth, Antonius started making numerous final tables and deep runs in poker events. He finished in the 9th position in 2011 at the final table of the “WSOP Europe Main Event”. In addition, he added $250000 to his bankroll by finishing in the runners up position in a challenge at “Aussie Millions” and finished in a third position in the Aussie Millions Main Event. He is at the forefront in winning live tournaments and he is the second best in winning online poker games.

Net Worth of Patrik Antonius

He has an estimated net worth of $18 million. He loses a significant amount of money in some games in addition to backing some of his poker players. His total estimated net worth is therefore not available for the public domain.

Patrik Antonius has proved to be among the best poker players. He is passionate about the game and Poker News Daily once reported him as a person who want to be remembered as the best cash game player to have ever played the game.