Pat Robertson Net Worth

Who is Pat Robertson and what is his net worth 2018? Pat Robertson is a man that holds a lot of titles. He is a man that has probably accomplished all his life long goals because all his accomplishments cannot be compared. Pat Robertson has been described as a media mogul. A title like that does not come easy. He is also the executive chairman of Southern Baptists and a former minister.

Robertson is currently the chief executive officer of Regent University as well as its chancellor. He is also the chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network. He has found some of the most influential organizations in the world as well as corporations.

Pat Robertson Early life

Officially known as Marion Gordon Robertson, Pat was born in the year 1930 in March. He was born in a political family, and his father was the late Absalom Willis Robertson and his mother, the late Gladys Churchill. He got his nickname ‘Pat’ from his brother. He graduated from The Mc Callie School and enrolled at Washington and Lee University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in History.

Pat Robertson Net Worth 2018-2019

In 1948, he was presented with the option of joining the army or Marine Corps, and he chose Marine Corps. In 1952, he became the first lieutenant. In 1955, he attended Yale University to pursue a degree in Law. However, he dropped it and opted to attend The Biblical Seminary in New York, and he graduated with a Master Degree in Divinity in 1959.

In 1960, Pat Robertson founded the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia. In 1977, he bought a cable TV channel that was on the lease, and he called it CBN. He also founded the CBN cable network which he renamed to Family Channel years later. In 1997, Pat Robertson sold Family Channel to News Corporation. In 1977 still, he also founded CBN University, and in 1989, he renamed it to Regent University. He also founded the AMERICAN Center for Law & Justice that had the primary focus of defending the public interests. It defended constitutional freedoms as well as Christian ideas that were conservative.

In 1988, he had a dream of becoming the president of the United States of America. He wanted to vie for the presidency under the Republican umbrella. He managed to mobilize three million people to volunteer for his campaign. He handed his leadership of CBN to his son and surrendered his credentials. Among his reforms would be a ban on pornography. Even so, he dropped from the race and asked his supporters to vote for George Bush, and he won the elections.

As a Christian and a supporter of conservative Christian ideologies, PAT Robertson has not been ashamed of his opinions and views. He is a strong opposition voice against practices like homosexuality, abortions, among others. He is a strong supporter of Christian views, and he is known to be a man with a firm stand.

Pat Robertson net worth

Pat Robertson is a man that has a lot on his plate. He is the founder and chairman of very many organizations, his Broadcasting Network, and also his University. He is occupied with all these posts, and he gets his money flowing in from all these establishments. His net worth is estimated to be $120 million.

Pat Robertson is a man with solid religious values. He is one man that has changed that has changed the world and has done excellent service in the propulsion of the gospel of Christ. He has impacted lives and changed lives in so many ways. He is indeed a man to celebrate.