Onision Net Worth

Who is Onision and what is his net worth 2018? Gregory Jackson or Onision is an American YouTuber and internet sensation who was born on November 11th, 1985. Though he was very popular before as well with various videos that he uploaded at his channels, but he got most famous with “the banana song” which gathered him over 50 million views and 500,000 likes.

The star is really popular on YouTube and has three channels named Onision, Onisionspeaks, and Onision Archive. He has been working as a website developer from past 20 years and has been working as a YouTuber since 2006. His three channels have fetched lots of fans for him and have lots of subscribers on all of them.

Onision Net Worth 2018-2019

On his main channel named Onision, he has 2,250,724 subscribers till now. On his second YouTube channel named Onision speaks, he has 1,925,410 subscribers till now and on his third channel named Onision archives he has 678,193 subscribers till now. He has been an inspiration for many aspiring YouTubers as he has managed to fetch a lot of money from YouTube only. There are lots of people around the world that want to know how much he earns with his videos and what is his net worth. So let’s dig more information about his life and his earnings.

Onision Net Worth

The star worked in US air force before joining YouTube and after that time he has been earning money from YouTube only and with the help of YouTube, he must have got some brands to endorse as well. He has been seen on TV on various occasions on a channel like MTV, Fox etc. The star has managed to fetch 570 million views on his main YouTube channel and the channel manages to fetch around 3, 00,000 views a day which makes him earn around $450 per day and around $160,000 annually through his main channel.

On his other channel, there are around 600,000 views daily that makes him earn around $900 a day from Youtube. And overall, the star has managed a net worth of $2.2 million which is huge for any person whose only earning source is working online. Due to these earnings only, people have taken him as inspiration and many people have started developing a career in YouTube. As the star is still really popular among people, we are pretty sure that he would put more efforts to grow his earnings and will definitely reach to $5 million really soon.

Though the star is earning a good amount only by working online, still there are lots of things that he cannot own. Everyone around the world wants to buy luxurious things, but one should be earning enough money to even think about owning any kind of luxury. Onision though is earning a good amount of money, but it is not enough to buy him several luxurious things. That is why we have seen that there isn’t any car listed on his name. The cars these days cost really expensive and thus it becomes very difficult to own a car.

Thus, we believe that the car he drives must be gifted by someone or might be on a loan that is why we can’t see any reports of him owning a car. Similarly, there aren’t any reports found about him owning a house or any other property as well. Owning a property can cost you a lot of money and the star hasn’t earned enough money to buy a luxurious house for him. And there aren’t any other assets listed on his name due to his low net worth.

He was raised by his mother initially with his two sisters thus his love for his family is beyond words. His love life though was a bit confusing where she got divorced from his first wife in 2010 and started dating pop singer Shiloh after that. However, the relationship didn’t work also and then, later on, she married her current wife Laineybot.

So this was everything about your Favourite YouTube star, with the kind of talent and skills he has, he will raise a lot of more money for his livings in the coming future and thus he will add a good amount of money to his net worth is the coming years.