Manny Mua Net Worth 2019

Who is Manny Mua and what is his net worth 2019? Manny MUA is a make-up artist, beauty influencer, and a YouTube personality. He has become the first male brand ambassador for an American makeup brand Maybelline. At just 25, he became a huge social media star by consistent postings of himself wearing full makeup. This YouTuber has successfully gained over 3.5M subscribers on his YouTube channel and 4M Instagram followers. He is known to alter the gender stereotypes by becoming a sensation of growing trend of men wearing makeup in only a few years time.

Early Life

Manny Gutierrez, professionally known as Manny MUA was born on April 4, 1991, in San Diego, California. He took birth in a highly educated family. He too was academically bright. In aspiration of becoming a plastic surgeon, Manny joined one of the most prestigious medical schools in the USA. During his childhood, he uses to watch and admire his mother do her makeup. And that is where he gained interest in makeup and beauty.

Manny Mua Net Worth

It was due to this interest that led him to quit medical college in short time. Since he chose an off-beat career over a more promising medical profession, Manny has grown a great young fan following. Youngsters consider him to be a youth icon.

He comes from Mormon family and has two younger brothers. In 2016, he openly talked about being gay and posted a video ‘My Coming Out Story’ on Youtube. He also calls himself- “beauty Youtuber”. During his teenage, he was sent to a therapy to reverse him from being gay. But the treatment was stopped soon after he got depressed. He is secretive about his relationship and love life.


Manny began his career by working at cosmetic stores of Sephora and Mac. In 2014, he gained wide recognition after starting his YouTube channel- MannyMua733. He focuses on makeup tutorials, beauty tips for fashion enthusiasts. He also includes popular latest fashion trends. He later also collaborated with Makeup Geek and Ofra Cosmetics.

is channel had more than 2.2 million subscribers. Seeing this, he increased his social media presence on Twitter and Instagram as well. He has 3.5M to 4M followers on these platforms too. He has also joined famous fashion and beauty vlogger, Jaclyn Hill. They post joint videos together as ‘New Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette – Tutorial & My Opinion.’

Manny MUA is the first male ambassador for a makeup brand. In the year 2017, he and fellow Youtuber Shayla Mitchell became brand ambassadors for Maybelline.

Net Worth of Manny Mua

In 2016, after James Charles, Manny Mua is the second male who is chosen as a spokesperson for a beauty brand. He and his friend Jeffree Star formed an association together for Star’s makeup band. In April 2017, he also became the first male to make it to the “Most Beautiful” annual list of People magazine. His estimation net worth is calculated $500 thousand. His monthly salary is estimated to be $36,000. He also earns from sales of products from different brands.

Manny has tried to be different and daring. He breaks the monotony and always tries new makeup looks and style. According to him, the industry of latest fashion trends is dominated by women and he wishes to bring a change to this trend. He has supportive parents. In January this year, his Father defended his son against a Homophobic tweet. When he associated with Star’s makeup brand, they were charged with copyright and trademark violation by Black Moon Cosmetics. Later the case was resolved.