Louis Farrakhan Net Worth 2019

Who is Louis Farrakhan and what is his net worth 2019? Louis Farrakhan was born in New York on May 11, 1933. He is the leader of ‘Nation of Islam’, which is the popular movement in Africa. He served as a leader for various mosques in Boston and Harlem. Additionally, he served as an NOI leader in Africa. How he became a Millionaire? What’s more about him? Let us know the career, Biography and Net worth of Louis Farrakhan in this article.

Early Life

He was raised by his mother Sarah Mae Manning, who was a Nevis Immigrant. His father is Percival Clark who is from Jamaica. Though he was born to Sarah Mae and Percival Clark, he did not get a chance to enjoy much with his parents, as they were legally separated. His mother remarried her boyfriend Louis Wolcott and they lived happily. Meanwhile, she adopted a brother for Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan attended Boston Latin School, where he learned everything about the violin. He started learning violin when he was six years old. He showed his entire talent in Boston College Orchestra and Boston Civic Symphony. He is a talented person.

Louis Farrakhan Net Worth

He wrote many songs on his own and he performed the same on numerous Orchestras across the world. Though he came Under the Elijah Mohammed descent, he converted into Nation of Islam in short (NOI). Although, he continues performing the old music from Elijah Mohammed. Soon he became a minister of Malcolm X Boston.

He is a representative and national spokesman of Malcolm X. He is one of the most favourite people for many. He wanted to share his views to the people so he started a Newspaper “The Final Call”. He is very active on all the social media platforms and regularly speak to all the people across the world. He wanted a good attention from the people and eventually, he made it. Surprisingly, he arranged the Million Man March in Washington DC. He likes Barack Obama a lot and he supported him a lot.

He had some health issue when he was an NOI member. He had a peptic ulcer, which caused a major abdominal defect. So he underwent an abdominal surgery in 2007. He doesn’t actively participate in the public meeting as he had the heart attack.

Net Worth of Louis Farrakhan

He has an estimated Net worth of approximately $3.5 Million, which is more than sufficient for his next generation. He gained popularity all across the country just because of the stage performances. He is best known for his album “The Charmer”, which made a big deal over the time. Besides, he performed some Calypso song on the Boston night club. He served as a minister for the Boston Mosque.

He is hailed as one of the most favourite celebrity for South Africa. He is such a nice character, who always thinks about the welfare of the people. His Net worth is subjected to his hard work and dedication. He does not become a millionaire in a single night. He struggled day and dawn to earn this Net worth. He not only earns some millions but also catches the heart of the fans. He is really a down to earth person for the world.