Lewis Brindley Net Worth

Who is Lewis Brindley and what is his net worth 2018? Lewis Alan Brindley also known as Xephos which is his online nickname is a director and an actor. He is one of the founders of a YouTube channel known as Yogscast that is connected to world of Warcraft, Minecraft and other games. He is the current Managing Director and the content producer at Yogscast Limited. Their YouTube site has attracted over eight million subscribers. In addition, he is an operational manager for a series called “Let’s Play” that features content on matters pertaining to Warcraft, Minecraft and Garry`s Mod.

Lewis Brindley was born on October 22, 1983, Essex England. He received his education at King Edward VI grammar school and later on joined The University of Manchester where he pursued chemistry. In addition, he attempted to study Law but lost interest along the way and dropped the course since he was not attaining his desired performance. In his teens, he was an asthma victim but he managed to overcome this condition using Buteyko method.

Lewis Brindley Net Worth

This earned him an award on the “Younger category” when he wrote an article of using Buteyko method as an alternative treatment to asthma. In 2013, he dated a fellow YouTuber who produces cooking series (Hannah Rutherford). However, the two broke up in 2015 but they maintained their friendship.

Lewis Brindley secured his first employment at “The Royal Society of Chemistry.” He worked in the organisation for four years (2006-2010) as a Freelance Science Journalist. He performed various tasks such as news writing, outlining the features for The Royal Society Chemistry`s magazine (Chemistry World), contributed more than three hundred published articles, providing reports of the press conferences he attended across the country among other tasks.

In 2008, Lewis and Simon Lane founded the Yogscast YouTube channel where they upload contents on Warcraft, Minecraft and mini games; Garry`s Mod. The channel first gained its popularity by channelling MMo World of Warcraft but turned out to be more of Minecraft channel with time.

Some of the most channelled Minecraft series include Jaffa Factory, Deep Space Mine, YogLabs, JaffaQuest, Lucky Block Challenge Hole Diggers and Shadow of Israphel. Lewis Brindley`s father, Alan Brindley has appeared many times in his son`s channel. In addition, Lewis Brindley is also a regular guest on Sjin`s and Sips` channel.

Lewis Brindley Net Worth

Yogscast YouTube channel is the main source of fortune for Lewis Brindley. In 2012, the channel was the first one in the United Kingdom to reach one billion views. On average, the channel has over eight million subscribers. Lewis Brindley’s net worth increases day after day. His estimated net worth is $3 million.

Lewis Brindley had the dream of becoming a scientist only for him to realise a technological innovation that has enabled him to be among the top five YouTube Millionaires.