Les Twins Net Worth 2019

Who is Les Twins and what is their net worth 2019? Les Twins is the professional name of identical twin brothers namely Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois. These twins are renowned as a French dancers, models and choreographers. Frequently denoted to through their individual nicknames i.e. “Lil Beast” and “Ca Blaze”, these both are identified internationally on account of their abilities in new style hip-hop based dancing. Net worth of Les Twins is grossed mainly from their works as dancing and from choreographing, more details are as below:

These twin dancers belonged to Sarcelles, known to be one community in northern exurbias of Paris, in France. It is known that both of them are actually youngest in a big, Guadeloupean long family consisting of 9 kids. Neither Laurent nor Larry got any kind of formal dance training. In its place, they acquired skills by perceiving other breakers, poppers and lockers as well as by teaching themselves the techniques of classical ballet. When they were of age 12, they started making performance in musicals and concerts.

Les Twins Net Worth

As per WAD Magazine, Les twins were born dancers and moreover, walked when they were of 5 months. They actually moved their whole bodies at age of 18 months, and at age of 9 they depicted steps they had designed to youths of almost twice their age prevalent in their neighbourhood. It was in year 2005 that these brothers employed five members in order to create their personal dance team named as Criminalz Crew.

In year 2008, Les Twins seek the consideration of the dance communal by beating French based street dancers namely Meech Onomo and Joseph Go at semi-finals arranged of prominent global dance competition named Juste Debout. After this success, these brothers were audience favourites as well as finalists on third season of Incroyable Talent, on M6. In year 2010, one video depicting their performance on World of Dance tour held in San Diego became viral on platform of youtube.

In the same year, they did its U.S. television debut on show entitled as The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Later in year 2011, these twin brothers won Hip-hop New Style division held at Juste Debout, defeating out more than 353 dancers. In the same year the dancers also performed with Beyoncé at the U.K.’s Glastonbury Festival, year 2011 Billboard Music Awards, the BET Awards, as well as Good Morning America Summer Concert Series, gathering even higher fame and attention right on the global platform.

Apart from this, Les Twins also made debut on largest television network of Japan, entitled as Nippon TV in year 2012. Moreover, these brothers are too contracted with NEXT Model Management. They too walked the runway held at Paris Fashion Week for 2010 Men’s Collection of Jean Paul Gaultier Fall.

Since then, they have been depicted in many television, web, and print advertising based campaigns. This actually includes campaigns for New Era, Jay-Z’s viral video based campaign “That’s Rocawear”, Benetton, H&M, Givenchy, EMOBILE, Adidas, Pioneer Steez, Beats By Dre, 25 Magazine, and Hewlett-Packard. In year 2011 Fox worked to broadcast a part of the famous audition part of competitors D*Day (i.e. Deon Lewis and Damon Bellmon) on eighth season of renowned dance competition entitled as So You Think You Can Dance.

Moreover, Laurent and Larry credit their main inspirations as famous dancer named Michael Jackson, cartoons, coach of these twins named Abibou “Playmo” Kébe, as well as their siblings, nine of them are too dancers.

Net Worth of Les Twins

Net worth of dancers Les Twins is around $350 thousand. Till now, these dancers worked in various shows and competitions and amassed great income.

Belonging from family consisting of many dancers, Les Twins are those who excelled in this field right from early age. Still there are many achievements and earning yet to be accomplished by them in future.