Kripparrian Net Worth

Who is Kripparrian and what is his net worth 2018? Kripparrian is a famous video game personality, Twitch streamer and YouTuber who is known for his achievements on games like ‘Diablo 3’, ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft’. Kripparrian has become one of the well-known video game players. He got first position in the ‘Favorite Hearthstone Stream’ and came second in the “Highest Stream View Average” category.

Octavian Morosan popularly known by his online username Kripparrian was born in Romania on June 30, 1987. Kripparrian moved to the Canada with his family and he lives in Canada currently holding Romanian-Canadian citizenship. There is not enough information about his family and education. He is considered as one of the best Arena players in ‘Hearthstone’. Before starting his streaming career, Kripparrian was a well-known ‘World of Warcraft’ player who became first person to complete the Ironman Challenge.

Kripparrian Net Worth

Kripparrian has married to Rania and both are living happy married life. Currently both lives in Canada. They also lived in Athens, Greece for a year. Kripparrian’s wife is manager and she also edit his YouTube videos as well as maintains the channel.

The YouTube journey of Kripparrian started with ‘World of Warcraft’ tutorials on his official YouTube channel. When ‘Diablo 3’ was launched he became very famous for bringing deep understandable videos on D3 machines on his YouTube channel. Kripparrian became much popular by completing the ‘Diablo 3’ video game at ‘Inferno’ difficulty which was the highest level of that game, just a month after its launching.

This milestone achieved by him before the game made easier to play with patch 1.0.3. After completing it, he started playing ‘Path of Exile’. In this game Kripparrian became season 1 winner by winning most race points in ‘Path of Exile’ hardcore series. Kripparrian also played ‘Hearthstone’ and achieved ‘Legend Rank’ which was the highest rank in that game. The streams made by him get around 15,000 viewers average. Kripparrian got first rank in 2017, in monthly ‘Top 100’ leaderboard for North America players in the ‘Arena’ game mode.

Kripparrian Net Worth

Kripparrian is an established video game player who is known for his creative and innovative ideas and tackles in the game. Kripparrian is also known as experienced Arena player who has high percentage of tackling and winning most games. The net worth of Kripparrian is an estimated around $1.3 million. He is twitch live streamer and YouTuber which allow him to earn huge income as a gamer and creator both. On YouTube, Kripparrian has more than 1 million subscribers which is a proof that he is well-known gamer.

Kripparrian is very fond of orange juice, he likes orange juice very much. Kripparrian like to spend money on orange juice when it became cheap. Kripparrian had collected a huge amount of Arcane dust that high in quantity that it would crash the servers. But the game developers taken various measures to prevent this issue and succeeded in it. He is also known for changing the appearance of Battlefield during his opponent’s turn and destroying enemy easily.