Jontron Net Worth 2019

Who is Jontron and what is his net worth 2019? Jonathan Aryan Jafari is greatest acknowledged by his internet alias –JonTron. He is recognised as an American based comedian, internet personality and reviewer. Moreover, he is acknowledged for his youtube based web series entitled as JonTron. In this, he reviews movies, video games, and television shows of variable genres in a reviewing as well as comedic way. You may be wandering to get details about net worth of Jontron, you can get it below:

Early Life

Jafari’s birthplace is Rancho Palos Verdes, located in California, where he was brought up. Basically, he is of Hungarian-Croatian origin from his mother’s side whereas he is of Persian ancestry from side of his father. He appeared in one high school from years 2004 till 2008, in which he partaken in musical theatre. When he was studying in that high school, Jafari met forthcoming collaborator named Jirard Khalil, an actor named Michael Barryte, and editor of Game Grumps named Barry Kramer.

Jontron Net Worth


Initially, Jafari made one Newgrounds account known below the name -“BirdmanXZ6” in year 2003. Moreover, he uploaded five animations portraying anthropomorphic onions. Later in year 2006, he created one youtube account below this same name. Jafari made one youtube channel named JonTronShow in year 2010. In this regard, he mentioned that he selected this name JonTron as it was “reminiscent of technology” Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, moreover this show was going to be named JonTron 2.0.

Then he uploaded a review of the Nintendo 64 edition of popular game named Daikatana. This was actually first episode in JonTron series by him. In every episode of JonTron, this celebrity works to review extraordinary games and even games of specific genre or theme. In year 2011, this celebrity made two spin-off i.e. Let’s Play channels. Its leading, “JonTronStarcraft,” possesses two videos of Jafari performing Blizzard Entertainment’s prevalent RTS game entitled as StarCraft.

Its second channel entitled “JonTronLoL,” encompasses four videos of him playing MOBA game entitled League of Legends. It is known that both of these channels possess less than 25,000 subscribers. His show-JonTronShow touched to level of one million subscribers in year 2014.

Other than this, Jafari infrequently posts videos, commenting on subjects that he feels significant, that are typically associated to gaming. In year 2012, Jafari as well as animator named Arin “Egoraptor”, declared they would be launching one Let’s Play series entitled Game Grumps by videos posted on both of their channels.

Jafari performed in Banjo-Kazooie back in year 2014 on one Twitch stream in order to amass donations made for Teach For America’s GoFundMe based campaign. In this regard, Jafari mentioned that if $25,000 planned goal was famous; he will recap a cover of Katy Perry’s song entitled “Firework”. It is known that the complete version of this cover was posted to Jafari’s youtube channel, last year.

Apart from this, Jafari has presented voice-over contribution for A Hat in Time. Moreover, he too recorded voice work for 3D based video game entitled as Yooka-Laylee. However, its content was taken away from this game in first patch in grace of his debateable statements made on race. Moreover, Jafari has too collaborated with many youtube channels, like channel of Ethan and Hila Klein named as h3h3Productions. It is known that from year 2015 till 2016, Hila Klein stayed as producer for JonTron.

Net Worth of Jontron

Jontron is recognised as the maker behind the prevalent youtube channel named JonTronShow. Jontron’s net worth is assessed to be $1 million. The particular channel is focused over comedy on games and movies. Presently, his channel has more than 400 million views as well as more than 3 million subscribers. Moreover, he is also a co-founder of Let’s Play series entitled Game Grumps as well as a co-creator of website named NormalBoots.

Jontron gained excellent fame as being an internet personality in his career. He attained major acclaim by working on his youtube channel named JonTronShow, reviewing video games, shows, movies, etc.