Jon Jafari Net Worth 2018

Who is Jon Jafari and what is his net worth 2018? Jonathan Aryan Jafari, popularly known as Jon Tron holds American nationality. He rose to fame by his YouTube web series JonTron which has 3.3 million subscribers. He is a renowned comedian, reviewer and internet personality.

Early Life

Jon Tron was born on March 24, 1990. He was born and raised in Racho Palos Verdes, California. His maternal family is of Hungarian-Croatian lineage while the paternal side belongs to the Persian lineage. He attended Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, where he used to actively participate in musical theatre. He met his future collaborators at the high school. An Aries by Sun Sign, he stands a height of 1.78 m.

Jon Jafari Net Worth

Jon Tron likes to keep his personal profile low. Nicole Rodriguez, an animator from New York has been an ex-girlfriend of Jon Tron. They broke up in February 2017. His current relationship status is single.

Jon created a Newgrounds account “BirdmanXZ6” in 2003 where he uploaded five animated works. He made a YouTube account “BirdmanXZ6” in 2006.

Jon Tron’s genre at YouTube is gaming, comedy and surreal comedy. He evaluates video games, movies and television shows of changeable categories in a reflective and humorous way. He also co-created and co-hosted web series Game Grumps, apart from co-creating the video game entertainment website NormalBoots.

He has been able to pull over 3.3 million subscribers and 449 million views on his YouTube channel, JonTronShow since the day he created it. He along with his robotic partner, Jacques which is a green-cheeked parakeet, reviews singular games and themed games with an element of comedy on his show JonTronShow.

So far, he has reviewed many video games like Hercules, Barbie, and Home Alone. He also has to his credit, the study of numerous unlicensed games like Pokemon and Disney films. He also regularly uploads skits and film reviews.

Jon Tron has also released a spin-off web series on his YouTube channel, JonTron’s StarCade which usually has the cameo appearance of some Internet personalities and actors. He is fond of uploading his videos where he comments on important gaming stuff. Along with Austin, Jon Tron co-created NormalBoots in 2010 where Jon and Hargrave posted contents and in turn received revenue from advertisements.

In 2012, Jon Tron co-created animation series and serials of Game Grumps. Their prevailing fan base gave the show a huge success in few days. He has also worked as a vocalist and has done voice-over work for some games.

In 2011, Jon Tron was referred in the indie game DLC quest on a gravestone. In 2016, he was featured as a character in Asagao Academy. He has a large fan following with over 3.2 million subscribers and over 440 million views on his YouTube channel. He has been listed by Time magazine as 2015’s seventh most searched internet meme on Google. He also has secured the fifth rank amongst YouTube video game reviewers.

Net Worth of Jon Jafari

Jon Tron’s YouTube channel, reviewing and comedian job has earned him a net worth of about $700 thousand. Owing to his successful career, his net worth is believed to grow enormously in the coming years.

Jon Tron is a famous person who is worldwide known for his gaming reviews. He has several collaborations with many YouTube channels to his account. He did charity work by playing Banjo-Kazooie to collect donations for GoFundMe campaign. A Barack Obama fan, he also discusses politics on live stream media. He has an excellent sense of humour which makes his audience go crazy over him.