Joey Graceffa Net Worth

Who is Joey Graceffa? What is net worth of Joey Graceffa? One of the most daunting jobs in this world is to earn the respect, love and warmth of the people who are continuously judging you through your work. And to become a sensation among the people through vlogging, vines, podcasts and video game reviews through a YouTube channel is something that is mostly unheard of. But there are people who have achieved such successful feats through their charismatic mannerisms and eloquence.

But the little boy from Marlborough, Massachusetts certainly never thought of coming to such immense fame at a very tender age. Still thinking who we are talking about? Yes, we are talking about Joey Graceffa, the 25-year-old YouTube star who has reached the peak of fame at such a young age through the sensational videos that he has made throughout the years.

Joey Graceffa Net Worth 2017-2018

Joey was born in Marlborough in the state of Massachusetts on May 16, 1991 to Joe Graceffa and Debbie O’Connor. Graceffa has two other siblings; one elder sister, Nicole and a younger half-brother, Jett from his mother’s side from her second marriage. Life was never easy for Graceffa as at an early age, he witnessed his parents parting from each other.

Then the biggest shock that he endured was when his younger brother Jett was diagnosed with autism at a very early age. The chain of misfortune never stopped for him; when he was just twelve, he had to witness a lot of hardships since his mother resorted to drug addiction and alcoholism. But it was his creativity and hard work that shaped his life and gave him the crown of immense fame.

Education: Joey Graceffa was born and brought up in Marlborough in the state of Massachusetts. He was admitted to the Marlborough High School where he completed his studies and graduated in the year 2009. After his graduation from the school, he enrolled in the Fitchburg State College for a major in filmmaking but due to some circumstances he could not finish the course and had to drop out of the college after a year.

His initial intention was to get admitted to the Emerson College, a prestigious private university in the Downtown, Boston. But his application was rejected twice, so he finally joined the Fitchburg State College. Though he could not complete his major but that did not stop him from becoming who he is today, a star in his own rights.

Joey Graceffa Net Worth

Joey Graceffa is an American YouTube personality, singer, actor, producer and author who has basically earned his fame as a YouTube personality. The 25-year-old internet sensation has managed to get more than 7 million subscribers and 1 billion views for his YouTube vlogging channel. He also has another channel where he posts gaming contents like gaming walkthroughs, guides and reviews of the newly launched games and he has also crossed the 2 million mark on the subscribers for that channel too. As of 2017, his monthly earnings to be $166,000 and his net worth has been estimated to be $7 million US dollars which his more than some well-known stars in Hollywood.

Here are some of his notable works and his earnings from these ventures:

Notable Works Earnings
The Amazing Race $500,000
Huge on the Tube $450,000
Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin $588,000
Ethereal $1 million
Eon $1.2 million
Haunting Ian $784,000

Joey Graceffa Business Model

Apart from being a widely recognised personality, Joey Graceffa is also an entrepreneur. He has his own production house which produces short films, music videos, web series and feature films. He also has his own line of jewellery which is quite an admirable achievement for a guy who is so young.

Now at the age of 25, he has become a big internet celebrity and he is also a successful actor, producer, author as well as singer. He has achieved so much within such a short span of time that he has become an inspiration, a role model for all those who are trying to achieve something in life. He has two YouTube channel on his name; he uses one for his vlogging purposes and another for uploading gaming contents.

He has more than 7.3 million followers for his blogging account and more than 2 million followers for his gaming channel. And we cannot stop to congratulate him on the massive success that he has been able to achieve. He has also appeared in several web series and short films. He was also a contender in the 22nd and 24th season of the reality show The Amazing Race.

The work of Graceffa has been widely recognised and loved by the people which he considers to be his biggest reward. He has received several nominations and awards since 2014 and it shows how much recognition his work is getting. He has been nominated for the Teen Choice awards three times since 2014 but sadly he has not won any Teen Choice awards till now. He was also been nominated for the Streamy Awards for three consecutive years out of which he has won two in 2014 and 2016.

Joey Graceffa has always been a big supporter of the LGBT community and on several occasions, he has described himself as happily gay. He has also urged the people to support the LGBT community through his various music videos and feature films. The internet sensation is currently in a loving relationship with Daniel Prada. The couple has been together since 2014 and they stay together in Los Angeles along with their two husky dogs.

Joey Graceffa suddenly became the talk of the town with news of featuring in the Go90 series produced by Joel McHale alongside Ricky Dillon. Though any confirmation has not yet been received from the star’s side but fans are sure that their favourite star is going to do the role.

Being so famous and successful at just the age of 25 is something that is unheard of for a guy who had no prior connections to the world of showbiz and this self-made man thus rightfully deserves all the love and respect that he gets from his fans.