Jesse Wellens Net Worth

Who is Jesse Wellens and what is his net worth 2018? One of the popular YouTube vlogger among the American folks is Jesse Wellens. His videos are popular for the pranks he plays on the channel, which is called ‘Prankv/sPrank’. In his videos he is seen playing pranks with his girlfriend Jeana, and others. The channel has millions of followers, and has made the couple a hit among their fans. Jesse was in the air force for six years, till 2009, but is no more into regular duty. Apart from running a YouTube channel with his girlfriend Jeana, he is a vlogger, dancer, producer and game commentator.

Jesse Michael Wellens was born in the year 1982 on the 25th of September, in Riverton, New Jersey to Steve Wellens and Stella Wellens. He is the middle child of his parents, and has one sister, Candice, and a half brother, Anthony. His mother Stella Wellens was suffering from depression, and tried curing herself on her own through substances. Going to rehabilitation centers also did not help her, and she often tried to kill herself. She once went missing, and was later announced dead, she had committed suicide in December 2014.

Jesse Wellens Net Worth

Jesse had been married once, at an early age, but it ended soon, and he decided to never marry again. He began dating Jeana Smith in 2005, and they started the channel ‘PrankV/Sprank’ in 2009. After living together for 10 years, along with their two cats, Naylah and Bambu, the couple finally broke up in 2016. The couple had voiced about their differences on several occasions, on their channels, along with announcing an indefinite break from the relationship. After the break up, Jesse moved to New York and started producing films.

Education: Jesse was never a bright student, and was always naughty and misbehaving. At the age of sixteen he was kicked out of school. Although he graduated, it was evident he would never make a career out of academics.

Jesse Wellens Net Worth

After running a successful YouTube channel for years, along with several other channels like ‘GFv/sBF’, ‘Naylahkitty’, with his ex-girlfriend, he is known to have an estimated net worth of $5.5 million. Apart from these channels, he also runs individual channels like ‘Down Range Gaming’, in this channel he talks about his gaming experiences. He also has another channel, which is called ‘Chip Chocolate’, which has a rap song by the man himself, it is called ‘cookie Dance’.

Jesse has also appeared in the T.V series ‘Fight of the Living Dead’.

Career: After doing regular duty in the air force for six years, Jesse started with his first YouTube channel in the year 2009. This channel was called ‘Prankv/sPrank’ and was managed by him and his then girlfriend Jeana Smith. They together had multiple other channels, called ‘GFv/sBF’, and ‘NylahKitty’.

The couple started having differences due to management problems of these channels, and due to excessive stress related to regular vlogging, which was one of the main reasons for differences among them. After the couple finally split in 2016, Jesse moved to New York from Brooklyn. He is currently producing a film in Venice Beach California.

Although Jesse has not been caught up in any kind of controversies, he had promised to propose Jeana for marriage around sometime in 2012, by saying he is waiting for the right time, but never really did it. They had often staged proposal pranks, two out of which have been published on the channel as well.

The cause of their break up is considered to be excessive stress and distance, as Jesse was placed in Korea once, for air force duty, which created problems between the two. The couple came down to announcing an indefinite break, shattering their fans, and on May 28, 2016, he finally announced that they had broken up.

Jesse Wellens is a hardworking and dedicated guy. When he had a successful YouTube channel, he not only focused on it, but also went on to create few more similar channels, which were equally successful. It is sad that a bitter experience with marriage made him to never want to marry again, for his fans, seeing him and Jeana get married would certainly be a dream comes true. However, we can only hope that both of them are healthy and happy wherever they are and in whatever they are doing.