Jan Crouch Net Worth

Who was Jan Crouch and what is her net worth? Janice Wendell Crouch, was a famous religious broadcaster of American origin. Janice and his spouse went up to open the broadcasting network which they named as Trinity Broadcasting network. She became popular because of many things few of them are, her love for children, her huge blonde and pink-coloured wigs, etc. She died at the age of 78. In 2016, she suffered from a major cardiac arrest, which eventually set her to die. Some information related to her personal life, career and net worth is mentioned below.

Janice Wendell Crouch, was born on 14th March 1936. She was the only daughter of Reverend and Mrs Edgar Bethany. She was little pampered child of them both. Her father was an ordained leader of a Christian congregation and the founding president of Southeastern University (Florida). She completed her schooling from her hometown New Brockton, Alabama, United States and went to Evangel College, in Springfield, Missouri.

Jan Crouch Net Worth

During her college years Jan Crouch met her soulmate Paul F. Crouch. They decided to tie up their knot forever in 1957. They brought their first child in year 1959. They named him Paul Crouch Jr. and within two years they had their second boy child. They named him Matthew Crouch. Matthew was born in year 1961.

Janice Crouch had a well-settled life and career. Crouch and her husband founded a television broadcasting network called Trinity Broadcasting network (TBN) in year 1973. They implemented their idea by collaborating with their friends, Tammy and Jim Bakker. All four of them gathered fund for their project and in year 1974, they bought their first Television station in California.

Soon they went to increase their network and started spreading all over. Trinity was the brain child of Jan Crouch. She also served TBN as a director of network programming and vice president. As she was fond of children, she proposed many television shows related to spread smile all over. She was a nice lady, she always wanted to help the needy. She also encouraged his husband and others to do the same.

TBN was one of the main reasons for Jan Crouch to be in limelight. They started broadcasting in year 1978 using cabled transmission. The television shows they broadcasted became really famous. They affiliated with other networks like Juice TV, Church Channel and Smile of a Child, etc.

Crouch family also influenced the sector of theme parks along with the entertainment sector. They own a large part of shares in the Holy Land Experience theme park in Orlando, Florida. Jan Crouch held the title of being the President and Manager of the theme park. She hosted the main programs at TBN.

Jan Crouch went high on news headlines because of an accusation raised by her Granddaughter for assaulting her at the workplace. She claimed that one of her colleague member physically assaulted and raped her and when she took complaint to her grandmother, she tried to cover up the matter.

Although the employee was immediately suspended from his post but there misleading information was spread. The workers were covering up the matter to avoid scandal. Jan Crouch’s granddaughter experienced severe mental suffering. All the things that came to cover this controversy was as per the orders of Jan Crouch, resources claim.

After the death of Jan Crouch the case reopened and again investigation took place. Court confirmed Carra Crouch’s (Jan Crouch’s granddaughter) accusation was held right, and the TBN was payable $2 million US dollars for her mental and physical distress.

Jan Crouch Net Worth

Jan was really very rich lady, her TBN made an annual profits of around $50 million. The network net assets included from 1997 to 2002 accounts up to $583 million. Crouch broadcasting network is one of the leading Christian networks all over the world. Jan Crouch’s salary as a vice president and director of programming at TBN was $361,000 US dollars. She owned a large percentage of Trinity Empire.