iJustine Net Worth

Who is iJustine and what is her net worth 2018? The cyber star Justine Ezarik popularly goes by her pseudonym iJustine is the rising sensation of this decade. With 1.89M followers on twitter and over 700 millions views across her YouTube Channel, she is the famous lifecaster (one who projects his/her life’s events through social media) of her time. With hundreds of viral videos, the YouTube personality has gained worldwide popularity.

iJustine is the oldest among her siblings, born on 20th March 1984, to Michelle Ezarik, a physical education teacher and Steve Ezarik, a coal miner of Slovak descent. She is the oldest among the three children. iJustine has two younger sisters, Breanne and Jenna. Her sisters scored excellent in their school level volleyball games and both were honour students. iJustine’s youngest sister Jenna was an All-state volleyball player. Her family currently resides in Washington County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

iJustine Net Worth

True to her sun sign Pieces, iJustine truly is versatile. With a high education background and impressive coding skills iJustine is a role model for many young women. She even partnered with Google for a programme called ‘Made with Code’, its main aim is to inspire young girls towards coding.

The 32 year cyber celebrity has not confirmed anything on marriage. Although she been dating Ryan Watt, the director of YouTube’s ‘Global Head of Content & Partnerships, Gaming’ since 2012. iJustine previously dated Justin Fishner-Wolfson and business personality Brian Pokorny in 2008.

Ezarik has been on many web series, for which she gained popularity nationally and internationally. She acted as the gambler in Escape the Night that was featured on the YouTube Red Series in 2016. Ezarik won many nominations such as Best Vlogger, Choice Web Star, and Choice Web Star: Gaming, etc. Among these she won the Webby Awards in Web personality category and the Streamy Awards in the category of Best Lifestyle Series.

Education: iJustine has an impressive educational background. She was an honor student in her high school. He graduated high school in 2002 from Bentworth High School. After graduation, she was awarded the annual scholarship from the Washington Chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals. She then graduated with high grades from the Pittsburgh technical Institute in 2004.

iJustine Net Worth

The YouTube sensation’s net worth stands at $2.2 million. With number of hits on YouTube, iJustine’s annual income stands at $75000. Her most popular video, ‘300-page iPhone bill’ with approximately 3.6 million views worldwide, earned her $5000. With her worth iJustine has listed among the richest YouTubers with a fairly income of $6520 per month.

No such assets have been recorded. But iJustine drives a Mercedes c3000. She even featured her car in many of her YouTube videos. However, she is a gadget geek with loads of gadgets on display. iJustine is simple with main interest in lifecasting videos, reports say that she was never very keen on asset hoarding.

iJustine have been featured as the lead story on the Yahoo homepage in 2007. In the same year she was described as one of the internet’s most popular lifecasters by the Tribune Company. She was also hired to appear in three commercials for national television ad campaigns. Ezarik was also described by the USA Today as one of the most followed celebrity in twitter. In 2009 she was featured in The Wall Street Journal, explaining her copying mechanism. She even promotes Google’s campaign that inspires young women to consider coding as a career.

Career: Ezarik started her career by several jobs on the graphic designing and video editing front. Later she kick-started her acting career when she played the photojournalist, covering a bank robbery on the television series, The Kill Point. Later on she was casted for various television small roles. She even acted in Web Series like My Music, The Gauntlet, Escape the Night, etc.

But her main popularity was gained through her video vines on YouTube which went viral overnight. Although being a reality star, she even acted for independent short films and even acted in small screen’s popular shows like, ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Law and Order’ and ‘Criminal Minds’. Her acting skills were praised by her fans and followers.

iJustine does ring a bell to the tech lovers. She has done some crazy video vines in her time. With her model like appearance she was easily casted for acting in television. Ezarik has gone a long way from just uploading videos on YouTube, she even inspires young women to take up coding as their career. She is truly an impressive role model to her fans and followers.