George Stephanopoulos Net Worth

Who is George Stephanopoulos and what is his net worth 2018? George Stephanopoulos is recognised as a journalist, political commentator as well as previous political operative and counsellor. Presently, he is the chief anchor and the principal political correspondent for famous ABC News, acknowledged as a co-anchor of Good Morning America, as well as a host of ABC’s Sunday morning entitled This Week. If you are confused about getting details of net worth of George Stephanopoulos, get it below:

Born in Fall River, located in Massachusetts, Stephanopoulos is son of Nickolitsa Gloria and Robert George. Basically, his parents are of Greek origin. It is known that his father is basically a Greek Orthodox pastor and dean emeritus of Archdiocesan Cathedral of Holy Trinity, established in New York. His mother worked as a director of Greek Orthodox Archdiocese for America National News Service since many years. During his youth, he transformed as a follower of Greek Orthodox conviction, as well as considered making entry in the position.

George Stephanopoulos Net Worth 2018-2019

In year 1988, Stephanopoulos served on Michael Dukakis for year 1988 U.S. based presidential campaign. Also, he has distinguished that one among his fascinations to this movement was the one in which Dukakis was working as a Greek-American generous in Massachusetts. After completion of this campaign, he turned out as a “floor man” for Dick Gephardt, in Majority Leader of U.S. House of Representatives; he retained this designation till he appeared in Clinton campaign.

With James Carville and David Wilhelm, he became a lead member of Clinton’s year 1992 U.S. based presidential campaign. His character played on that movement is depicted in famous documentary film entitled as The War Rooms. At onset of presidency of Clinton, Stephanopoulos worked as de facto based press secretary, meeting the press though Dee Dee Myers was formerly a secretary of White House Press.

In year 1994, he and Harold observed one conference call in association with Roger Altman for discussing selection of Republican lawyer of Resolution Trust Corporation, named as Jay Stephens to lead Madison Guaranty exploration, which then after transformed to Whitewater argument. This celebrity seeks resignation from Clinton government soon after Clinton was nominated again in year 1996.

In year 1994, columnist named Jack Anderson stated that Stephanopoulos closed one $835,000 real estate deal comprising of an apartment, having one eyewear retailer, through low market based loan rate. This rate was from one bank possessed by Hugh McColl, the person who had been named by Clinton as the greatest progressive banker in country America.

One officer of NationsBank commercial loan stated that the loan actually did not suit their product matrix because banks characteristically just provide these loans for clienteles with profound pockets as well as on basis of a short term based adjustable rate. After he left White House by completion of Clinton’s leading term, this celebrity became political expert for ABC News, as well as worked as a columnist on This Week.

Stephanopoulos got married to Alexandra Wentworth, recognised as an actress, writer and a comedian, in year 2001 in New York. Stephanopoulos and Alexandra have two daughters, namely: Elliott Anastasia and Harper Andrea. This family resides in Manhattan. With many other famous Greek based Americans, this celebrity is recognised as an establishing member of The Next Generation Initiative, identified as a leadership program targeted at letting students intricate in public matters.

George Stephanopoulos Net worth

George Stephanopoulos is chiefly recognised as a politician as well as a television correspondent having net worth $20 million. This personality resigned from White House back in year 1996, and worked on to issue one best-selling book revolving around his experience. Since then, this personality has founded a successful host as well as anchor career, and he is presently a host of “Good Morning America”.

Being a political correspondent for famous ABC News gave George Stephanopoulos a major recognition. Right from year 1988, he works in presidential campaign and as journalist as well as political commentator.