Flip Or Flop Net Worth

Flip or Flop is essentially a television series which is broadcasted on HGTV, being hosted by some real estate agents as well as husband and wife of real-life, namely Tarek and Christina El Moussa, as well as original show aired in Flip or Flop contract. Net worth of Flip or Flop series is high because of more number of people recommending it, get more details below:

Tarek El Moussa was brought up in Buena Park, located in California whereas Christina Meursinge Haack was brought up in Anaheim Hills. Tarek, the celebrity who attained his real estate based license when he was of age 21, first encountered Christina whens serving in a real estate based industry. It is known that this couple were retailing real estate inside province of Southern California during the time housing market dropped after year 2008 crash of stock market. Also, they transformed from staying in one $6,000 every month house to $700 every month apartment. This couple got married in year 2009 and they have two kids, a girl named Taylor as well as a boy named Brayden James.

Flip Or Flop Net Worth 2017-2018

Both the El Moussas were working as real estate agents before the crash done in year 2008, and afterwards they started shifting houses, typically in Orange County, located in California. In year 2011, Tarek requested a friend to support him create one audition based record for HGTV.

This friend worked to film one whole episode of the procedure of home flipping right from start to end. This particular audition tape was delivered to HGTV, as well as they were passionate in discussing with the couple. In year 2012, it is revealed that HGTV employed the couple to one regular based weekly program which presents the procedure of purchasing distressed possessions as well as renewing it.

Moreover, Christina’s skill is chiefly in design, also she functions with Tarek for finding as well as renovating homes. Furthermore, she manages designs of new spaces as well as maintains everything on timetable. The particular show trails them as the couple purchase homes, usually short sales, bank-owned, or foreclosures, in order to resell and renovate.

In year 2013, one recorded nurse and spectator named Ryan Reade approached this network after watching bump on neck of Tarek in Flip or Flop based marathon. It is found that Tarek formerly had the bump inspected, as well as he stated there were no questions. After this nurse communicated producers, Tarek was having the lump tested one more time. Also, doctors revealed that he was having stage 2 based thyroid cancer diseases. Last year, this couple had covertly separated because of “challenges” faced in their marriage.

In January of present year, Tarek formally registered for having divorce from his wife. Presently, the couple operate a real estate based agency entitled as “The El Moussa Group”, situated in Orange County, in California, within an area recognized as one of the major foreclosure charges in the nation. These both as well as their partner named Pete De Best, accepted their leading investment home in region of Santa Ana for price of $115,000.

Post they sell this property for revenue for $34,000, this trio divided the cash and sustained to flip homes, growing their real estate capitalizing trade in Nevada and Arizona. This series is considered as a highest-rated series which will return on HGTV on this September by a 20-episode based season, after laying a permit of offshoots established in Atlanta, Las Vegas, Nashville, Fort Worth, and Chicago.

How much is Flip Or Flop Net worth in 2017

So far, Tarek and Christina gained profit of $5,238,800, as per one Wikipedia episode-by-episode based recap -TheWrap corresponded. Moreover, this is not also totalling the 17 households that actually lack of having availability of final sales prices. The reason of this television series to be grossing a high income is that it is high-rated and possesses high number of viewers who likes it.

Flip or Flop is a famous television series that goy high reputation by broadcasting on HGTV. Essentially, this is the series which fans and audience spares their precious time to watch it.