Fine Bros Net Worth 2019

Who are Fine Bros and what is their net worth 2019? Rafi and Benny Fine, famous as the “Fine Brothers” owns a famous Youtube channel named FBE. They are Content producers, Writer and Editor of their Youtube Channels. They’re renowned for their ‘Spoiler series’, ‘React series’ and narrative video series. They founded Fine Brothers Entertainment where they produce Tv shows and Feature films.

Early Life

Fine Brothers were raised in a Jewish family who had narrow thinking. Their entire family lived in Brooklyn. Both the brothers loved making videos and since a young age, they started recording videos on their video camera.Their early years were spent in Sullivan County, New York. Benny went to the college at the age of 15 years Rafi went on to Dickinson Collge and then to Hunter College obtaining a degree in film studies. Both of them loved showcasing their work to their friends which included full-length comedies and short sketches.

Fine Bros Net Worth

The Fine Brothers are creators of the first ever web mockumentary program MyMusic created for the ‘MyMusicShow’ YouTube channel. The channel is funded by YouTube and the character of Metal played in the program is highly inspired from their young days. MyMusic has over 3.8 million subscribers. The very first episode was uploaded on the channel on 15th April 2011. The response which they got from their first episode and the first season, the fine bros decided to have the second series of the show under their production company named “Fine Brothers Entertainment”.

The Fine Brothers created a live-action feature in 2000 and it got screened in several comedy film festivals. They went on to receive a prestigious award. But they wanted to make money and for that, they thought the online medium is more prominent than the chance in Hollywood. The Fine Brothers uploaded their first video in the year 2004. Following that they even uploaded some of the action sketch and comedy features on another channel MySpace.

In 2007, they created their main YouTube channel, ‘The Fine Bros’ that is named FBE at the present. Their videos uploaded on the early stages very mature and of the social satiric genre. Later, they launched a second channel in 2009, ‘TheFineBros2’ and a 3rd channel ‘React’ in 2014. At present, the FBE performs as a completely developed studio, network, and media company.The FBE has over 15 million subscribers and The FBE2 channel has around 0.7 million subscribers. In FBE2, videos like ‘BEHIND THE VOICES – R RATED FROZEN’ and ‘BEHIND THE VOICES’ are popular.

The Fine Bros several videos have been awarded at various award functions. The Fine Bros’ ‘Kids React’ Series won several awards like the Best Viral Video Series at the Emmy Awards in the year 2012, Best variety internet Series and Best Non-Fiction or Reality Series awards at the in 2012, 2013 and 2014 back to back. MyMusic received 3 IAWTV Awards nominations and 5 Streamy Awards nominations in 2013.

Net Worth of Fine Bros

Fine Bros have the net worth of $11 million from their various works. Their Youtube channel has more than 5 billion views. 4 days a week i.e Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday new videos are uploaded. As per the sources, they earn $1.8 million from Youtube ads that are $5000 per day. They have endorsements deals with various brands like Comedy Central, Ford and more providing them earnings to use their brand name.

The Fine Brothers proclaimed a licensing system known as ‘React World’, where the fans would be able to produce their own reaction videos. This also created a controversy resulting into under subscription of users from their channel. The matter was resolved after a statement used by the Fine Bros.