Faze Rug Net Worth 2019

Who is Faze Rug and what is his net worth 2019? Faze Rug is renowned globally for his uploads of videos on greatest platform i.e. youtube. He is also renowned as an internet personality, acknowledged for his prank videos and vlogs on youtube. Net worth of Faze Rug is increasing each year, due to his immense contribution, get more details below:

Early Life

Faze Rug was earlier known by name- Brian Awadis, born in the city of San Diego located in California, US. It is known that his parents belonged to Iraq who had previously migrated to US. Faze was brought up with his brother named Brandon in San Diego similar to any typical kid and he also appeared in college after finishing his school education.

Faze Rug Net Worth

Later he got habituated to video games because he could not turn out as a member of the basketball team of school which occasionally impacted his other actions. Moreover, he also found that he was capable to earn a handsome amount of money if he would be able to attain higher viewers for the videos he makes. With purpose to spend more time to making more videos, this boy left college as well as got engaged in making videos, working full time and uploads the same to youtube.


Faze Rug initially came to the spotlight of viewers when he worked to upload few prank videos on youtube. After short time, his turned out to be popular with one video entitled ‘Cocaine Prank’ which was viewed by nearly 8.9 million viewers. Moreover, he too uploads ‘call-of-duty’ videos as well as vlogs on his famous youtube channel.

It is known that his prank videos as well as vlogs attain a great number of viewers as compared to his ‘call-of-duty’ based videos. Furthermore, his parents as well as his brother have presented in many videos which comprise a video entitled New Year’s Family Party, which was uploaded by this celeb, last year. After turning out successful as a youtube star, Faze joined the ‘FaZe Clan’ in form of its director which includes FaZe Dirty as a follower.

FaZe Rug was mainly came to prominence when masses began watching his videos on pranks which he performed on other people. It is found that he had desired to have entertainment as a school kid and mentions experiences he acquires with others. Faze was featured recording his pranks on many videos however only after he began to upload these videos to youtube when he find the gratification of sharing it completely with people.

Many people noticed the contribution made by this boy the time he uploaded few prank type videos on the greatest platform-youtube. In his career, the video entitled ‘Cocaine Prank’ turned out to be popular globally and it is revealed that it was viewed by nearly 8.9 million viewers. Apart from this, Faze also works to upload ‘call-of-duty’ kind of videos as well as vlogs on youtube channel run by him.

Net Worth of Faze Rug

Faze Rug is mainly renowned as an internet personality and other than that he is greatest acknowledged for his prank videos as well as vlogs done on youtube. With all these noteworthy contributions, assessed net worth Faze Rug is approximately $1.6 Million. Moreover, his wealth also originates from being a director of widespread gaming group named as Faze Clan with Faze Dirty.

It is found that this boy launched his career when he was in college turning it to a full time based job immediately it took off. Moreover, his fame and wealth is high because he has functioned with many other youtube based big wigs such as Ricegum and PewDiePie and has been presented on the prevalent #dramaalert.

Faze Rug’s videos have turned out popular as they appear very realistic instantly because this celebrity applies excellent skill and techniques in making them. Moreover, he has grossed millions of dollars in very short time, at present age of 21 years, which is actually a dream for youngsters.