Faze Censor Net Worth

Douglas Taylor Martin popularly known as Faze Censor is a two-time Call of Duty National Champion. He is also the director for Faze Clan, an American professional eSports team. He is also a YouTube star and a fitness enthusiast.

Douglas Taylor Martin who is now known as Faze Censor was born on August 21, 1994, in Long Island, New York. He started gaming at a young age. He lived with his grandfather but moved in with his grandmother at the age of 13 after his grandfather’s death. He changed schools when he moved to his grandmother’s place. He started off with the Nintendo Classics. He later moved on to Call of Duty.

Faze Censor Net Worth 2017-2018

Faze Censor is dating Mexican weather anchor Yanet Garcia. Faze watched a video of her and revealed through another video that he likes her. His followers who watched the video started sharing and commenting about Faze’s video on Yanet’s social media pages. The two started exchanging messages. They eventually started dating and made their relationship public. He also encouraged his girlfriend to start a YouTube page “IamYanet”.

He started gaming as an escape from high school bullying. He left school to become a professional ‘Call of Duty’. He got accepted into the “Quantic Nex-TT-hreat” team. The team won the 2011 MLG National Championship. After the win, he tried to get into a team for “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 but it was difficult. He moved from “Team EnvyUs”, to “Thrust Nation” to “Quantic LeveraGe”. He later joined the team “Strictly Business” and ended the championship in fourth place.

He got invited into a team called “Faze Black”. He later became the leader. The team broke up in 2015 after some lose. Faze Censor was left without a team, he was out of the professional game. he started working out and posting “How to” videos on his YouTube channel.

He is now the director of Faze Clan. He is now back in professional gaming. He is also an ambassador for G Fuel energy. His YouTube page is also growing by the day.

How much is Faze Censor Net Worth in 2017

Faze Censor YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers. The channel gets about 4000 new subscribers daily. The page gets at least 400,000 viewers daily. He earns about $700 through ads daily. Faze censors net worth is an estimated $700 thousand US dollars as of 2017. His source of wealth is his YouTube page and the prize money he earns from gaming. He also earns from his sponsors including G Fuel energy.

Faze Censor has become a big name in professional gaming. He revealed that he wants to be “The Rock” in gaming. According to him, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is an entertainer and a motivator who started off as a wrestler but he is now into movies. He revealed that he has always wanted to be a famous person. He also believes that he can achieve the level of success he wants through gaming. Faze considers fitness as an important part of his life. He has a gym routine he follows religiously.