Erik Asla Net Worth

Who is Erik Asla and what is his net worth 2018? Norwegian photographer Erik Asla is famous for his photography work and relationship with Victoria’s Secret Model Tyra Banks. He met her during photography work in a super model show. Erik’s photography was published in many well-known magazines such as GQ, BAZZAR, The New York Times, ELLE and Vanity Fair. Erik Asla was also work assistance of famous photographer Herb Ritts. Erik’s relationship with Tyra gave him baby boy with help of surrogate mother.

His net worth mainly contribution by his work profile photography. Eric is active on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He also works through his personal account and website.

Erik Asla Net Worth 2018-2019

Erik was born on January 1 in year 1965 in Norway. Erik is currently in relationship with Tyra Banks. Erik’s personal life was silent and Erik has never shared his parents name and his past life such as schooling and siblings. Erik has started his career in Los Angeles as an assistance of famous photographer Herb Ritts. Erik has also shared his photography work with many famous magazines such as GQ and Vanity Fair. Currently he is boyfriend of famous model Tyra Banks and they have a baby boy too.

Erik has three daughters from his 18 year marriage. His youngest daughter Tatjana Asla is up coming model. Erik Asla is currently in relationship with Tyra Banks who is famous model. In year 2016 Tyra and Erik had a baby boy named York Banks Asla. Erik is a native of Norwegian. Erik met Tyra on the set of Norway’s Next Top Model for obvious photography concerned and turn into love.

Erik had started his photography career as an assistant of well known photographer Herb Ritts. Afterwards Erik’s talent and faith in work made him a multi millionaire. Asla’s income mainly accumulate by advertisement, campaigns, and commercial works. Erik has worked for several premium lifestyle brands such as; Calvin Klein, Audi and Saks Fifth Avenue and more. When he relocates from Europe to the US, for more opportunities, his creative work and style behind the camera lenses gave him million dollars and respect.

Erik’s photography work and his talent gave him many things in his life, even his love Tyra Banks met him for photography concern. There is no information about Erik’s award winning but his work his talent and fame and his relationship is just like best award for him.

Erik Asla Net Worth

Erik Asla has made an approximately net worth of $3.5 million. Asla’s photography work has been already published in famous magazines like GQ and Vanity Fair. Erik’s main income comes from commercial photography works, but he also does personal photography pieces via his website where Erik offers his services. This talented and creative photographer is much famous not only for his work but also for his relationship and his net worth.

Erik’s talent and professionalism took him at this level his work is very impressive and noticeable. Erik’s behaviour and work profile both are very clear. His relationship with Tyra Banks also lift him up one step in his personal life. The couple has baby boy. Erik’s work is very famous and published in many popular magazine. He also experienced assistant photography under guidelines of famous photographer Herb Ritts. Erik is much active on his website and other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The couple met in year 2013 in a photography shoot and till present they are living happily with their baby.