Edward Snowden Net Worth 2019

Who is Edward Snowden and what is his net worth 2019? Edward Snowden is an American computer professional and a former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) worker. Critics says, he is a traitor, who betrayed his own country and asylum in other country that is Russia. He renowned in the recent time frame i.e. in 2013 when he released important security documents and due to which probably his net worth raised. Some sources reported, he earns around $200,000 per appearance.

Early Life

Edward Joseph Snowden was born on 21 June 1983 and raised in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, U.S. He is an American native but get asylum in Russia recently. Snowden known all around the world when he revealing details of classified United States government surveillance programs. He is a Computer system administrator, moreover a former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) agent and sometime referred as “Computer Wizard” due to his remarkable deep understanding of Information Technology.

Edward Snowden Net Worth

He was having a desire to learn computer coding and programming in early age so he took training in computer science from Community College. In 2011, he attended online course for a master degree at the Liverpool University, England. Edward was one who disclose numerous Global surveillance program which are run by the NSA (National Security Services) and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance with the coordination of telecommunication companies and European governments.

Without any authorisation, he leaked several security data from NSA in 2013. For some people he is a whistleblower, a traitor, who betrays own country and for some he is a hero, patriot, dissident, who opposes official policy. Edward’s discloser leads to a hot debates over mass surveillance, government secrecy, and the balance between national security and data privacy. Due to his intelligent work, he was recently honoured with several awards as well.

As due to the fact that Snowden’s entire family has been employed by the federal government, and that he “expected to pursue the same path”. Edward Snowden is a professional computer system administrator. In 2004, he enlisted in the United States Army Reserve as a Special Forces candidate but dropout there. Later, in 2005, employed as a security specialist in University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Study of Language, which is sponsored by NSA.


In 2006, he gets an offer to join CIA and worked as a junior employee on the top computer-team. He worked in various roles within the US Intelligence Community, including serving undercover for the CIA overseas. In 2009, Snowden resigned CIA to work for private contractors such as Dell, and Booz Allen and started managing computer systems for multiple government agencies. In 2013, Snowden he revealed details of classified United States government surveillance programs and informed that the U.S. had spied on Brazil, France, Mexico, Britain, China, Germany, and Spain, as well as 35 world leaders which creates tension between the U.S. and some of its close allies.

After revealing this secret he is in target of US secret agencies that’s why he applied for political asylum to 21 countries. The asylum request was accepted by Russia and currently he lives there. Some sources say that he is working with Russian government for network security. There are many rumours about Edward Snowden in media news as well.

Being an international fugitive, the NSA whistleblower had taken refuge in an undisclosed Russian location to escape espionage charges in the U.S. In spite of all this he received several awards and honours after revealing US spying truth. In 2013, he won Sam Adams Award. In 2014, he gets two awards one is Right Livelihood Award and another is Stuttgart Peace Prize.

Net Worth of Edward Snowden

It has been reported that Edward Snowden earned $200,000 per appearance in terms of speaking fees over the past year, despite hiding in Russia. His net worth is more than $9 million. He gained this hefty net worth from anonymous sources online as well as due to his network security services. There are some rumours that Russian government also contribute him to raise his net worth.

Edward Snowden is an intelligent technical personality, he do a remarkable job of revealing the secret of US global surveillance, which is a very hard work for any security service agent and he disclose the wrong doing by US agencies.