Edmund Mcmillen Net Worth 2018

Who is Edmund Mcmillen and what is his net worth 2018? Edmund McMillen is an American video game designer, known for his flash-game visuals. Edmund McMillen also use to write comics before becoming a full-time game designer. Ed and his friend, Tommy Refenes, who is a programmer formed a team and called themselves “Team Meat”. They made their breakthrough in gaming career with a commercial sequel dubbed Super Meat Boy in 2010. Soon in 2011, Ed released their second and another famous work, a role-playing game, The Binding Of Isaac. After the world wide success from the game, Super Meat Boy, Team meat is now working on a Meat Boy sequel.

Early Life

Ed was born in Santa Cruz, California on March 2, 1980. He studies at Soquel High School and was very much fond of drawing since childhood. Ed loved the creativity and monsters was his favourite subject of drawing. Edmund loved his grandmother and spent his almost entire childhood with her. Ed stated that, his grandmother was the greatest source of support in his creative endeavors. Later, when he shifted, he received a box from his grandmother containing all the drawings from his childhood. He used these drawings in one of his games and one can see them by unlocking the box: The Basement Collection.

Edmund Mcmillen Net Worth

Ed met Danielle, his wife, when he was 19 and she was 15. They met at a local blockbuster where McMillen use to work. Ed caught Danielle by surprise, when he proposed her onstage, accepting the Game of the Year award 2004 for Gish at Independent Games Festival. After a month Ed and Danielle tied a knot. In 2015, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named, PJ.


McMillen started his career as an Independent Comic artist and made several comics featuring Meat Boy. He then abandoned the comic field forever and joined the gaming world with a programmer, Tommy Refenes. His most well-known games are the Flash-based game Meat Boy, and its much-praised sequel Super Meat Boy. The Super Meat Boy was released for the various platforms including Xbox 360,PS4 and PC platforms. It was also released for Nintendo, but later it was cancelled.

Ed is also known for his other games Gish, Aether, The Binding of Isaac and Coil. Ed was the original character artist and animator on Braid before the assets were replaced by the work of David Hellman. Ed and Tommy established Team Meat, a gaming production, so that they never have to involve the third-party publisher. The extension of their game Super Meat Boy was featured in the film, Indie Game: The Movie.

In 2004, his game “Gish”, won Tunnel’s 2004 Adventure Game of the Year, as well as Indie Game of the Year. In 2009, “Coil” was nominated for the Innovation Award at the Independent Games Festival. Also, “Aether” was a 2009 Indie Cade finalist and received an honourable mention.

Net Worth of Edmund McMillen

Although, Edmund McMillen’s net worth is not certain and not mentioned anywhere, he definitely made a lot of money from those video games. Ed’s biggest selling game was Super Meat Boy. In 2010, Super Meat Boy sold more than 1 million copies in just two year, each copy was worth $15, so presumably they made $15 million from Super Meat Boy itself.

Edmund McMillen, nerd and an artist made a successful career in gaming. From his comic character, Meat Boy, he made a game that sold millions of copies earning him, a big fame and fortune. Now, as a full time gaming designer, he is working on several gaming projects. Ed married his high school sweetheart, Danielle and living his dream life with her.