Eddie Bravo Net Worth

Who is Eddie Bravo and what is his net worth 2018? Eddie Bravo was born in California on May 15, 1970. He is an Ex UFC analyst and Jiu-jitsu instructor. His birth name was Edgar Cano but his last name is legally changed into Bravo on his step father’s surname. He had a mild interest in sports, so he joined wrestling class in his high school.

Then he realised his passion is music and entertainment field. So, he moved to Hollywood, California. Apart from the music field, he took training in Karate classes. He has appeared in Ultimate Fighting Championship events during 1990’s. He also attended the Jeet Kunde Do academy in 1998. Let us see his biography, career and a Net worth of Eddie Bravo in this article.

Eddie Bravo Net Worth

Bravo is married and the couple is blessed with a son. He joined a music band called Cannabis and worked hard for promoting this music band. Joe Rogan is a close friend, who is a podcast host and comedian. Rogan won a black belt rank in the 10th planet Jiu-jitsu. Whenever Rogan releases a podcast, Bravo used to work on promoting his videos. His Friend taught him a lot about the music, instruments, construction skills and much more.

He loves fishing, trapping, and baseball during his childhood. When he was a child, he used to behave more genuine and independent. He is a lovely and jovial person. Both work together for broadcasting the videos. In 2015, bravo had released a podcast named “Eddie Bravo Radio”. Additionally, he discussed the flat Earth conspiracy in the first episode of his podcast.

Eddie left all the forms of martial arts and focused more on Jiu-jitsu. He got the blue belt and made his opponents withdraw with his lock submission called as Twister. He then received the Purple belt and established the Rubber guard signature move. Bravo ultimately became the Black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and also opened a school in Los Angeles.

Bravo also had a good acting career and some of his popular Filmography includes, Life in the cage, Inside MMA, MMA Worldwide, American drug war: The Last White Hope, human weapon, The Roots of Flight, LatiNation and so on. he had appeared in the film “Never back Down2 : The Beatdown”, which made a big deal in 2011.

He is a versatile writer who wrote many interesting stories and books. Some of the books which he wrote include, ‘Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed’, ‘ Mastering the Rubber Guard’, ‘ Advanced Rubber Guard’ etc. He had released many podcasts, albums, and DVDs. He had released many DVDs such as ‘The Twister’, ‘ Mastering the Rubber Guard’ and ‘Mastering the Twister’

Bravo had established ‘ Bravo Invitational (EBI) in 2014. It was reported that the UFC and EBI members joined together to feature the EBI events on the upcoming UFC streaming service.

Eddie Bravo Net Worth

He worked hard and collected an estimated Net worth of approximately $1.6 Million. He earned much of his net worth through his albums, podcasts, and books. There is no doubt that his Net worth will be increasing in the upcoming years.

Eddie Bravo is an all-rounder who is a martial arts trainer, actor and have interest in politics as well. He is active in all the political movements. He used to raise questions about economic and political issues. He is the main leader of ‘Truth movement’, which was a famous movement during that period. He raised questions against September 11 attacks and discuss the World Trade Center Building 7 collapse. He is a smart and intelligent guy from the United States.