Doseoffousey Net Worth

DOSEofFOUSEY is the daily vlog channel operated by Yousef Saleh Erakat. A Palestinian-American YouTuber, he is most popularly known by his stage name fouseyTUBE, which is also the name of his parent YouTube channel housing comedy sketches, pranks, skits, social experiments and parodies. He is also an actor and a rapper.

Both his channels are a massive success with a huge fan following, DOSEofFOUSEY garnering over 3.4 million subscribers and fouseyTUBE over 10 million. The latter is his most popular channel with over 1.5 billion views while the former has an estimated 400 million views. His net worth is estimated at $3.5 million US dollars.

Doseoffousey Net Worth 2017-2018

Yousef was born in Fremont, California on January 22, 1990. His parents were originally from Palestine and he has three siblings, two older brothers and one elder sister. Success inherently runs in the family as his siblings work as a lawyer, dentist and doctor. Yousef graduated from San Jose State University with a degree major in theatre arts. Answering his calling, that of acting, he then moved to Los Angeles, California.

Yousef isn’t a new name in the YouTube world. He had started his journey on the platform with several fitness centric channels demonstrating several fitness fads and diets. However, he shot to fame when he started posting videos mirroring the lives of Middle Eastern people and families and the strict upbringing that they come with. This is when his popularity grew manifold.

He released his first single “Prideland” in 2015 under his stage name. Subsequently, a music video for the song was released on DOSEofFOUSEY.

One of his most popular videos with over a million views was in collaboration with Quest Nutrition for the unveiling of the latter’s newest protein bar flavor. In the video, he is seen smashing pies on other popular YouTubers faces as a prank.

Towards the later part of the same year, he signed with the popular agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) that helped him catapult his career to the next level. Since signing with the agency, he has landed a couple of big roles in movies, one of them being “Boo! A Madea Halloween” by Tyler Perry.

In 2016, Yousef commenced the five-day “Roman vs. Fousey Tour” with his friend Roman Atwood in five states along the West Coast. This served as a preview for their 30-day tour of the same name.

2017 became a turning point for Yousef. He cut his ties with CAA as announced in his vlog. With over 10 million subscribers, he earned the much coveted YouTube Diamond Play Button for reaching the milestone.

He has recently begun the Project Butterfly journey where he travels around the world helping others and finding himself as a person in the process.

How much is Doseoffousey Net Worth in 2017

As of 2017, this popular YouTube celebrity has a net worth of $3.5 million US dollars from both his channels. As with all other YouTubers, Yousef mints money by allowing advertisements to be shown on or during his videos. Ad sense money is the major contributor to his wealth owing to the millions of subscribers and their views on his videos. Add to the number of new subscribers that are added to his channel, it is estimated that he makes around $950,000 just from YouTube ads.

Besides this, he also earns money from product endorsement deals, merchandise sales, appearances, producing his own music and tours.

Yousef has several fair ways of making money through his channels and allied activities. Despite his success, he is constantly struggling with depression and bipolar disorder owing to the clash of his Palestinian heritage with his North American socialization. However, his openness in talking about and dealing with his demons has encourages several others in his predicament to speak out and seek help. His ingenuity in this regard has struck a chord with his audience.