DJ Akademiks Net Worth

Who is DJ Akademiks and what is his net worth 2018? DJ Akademiks is a known American-Jamaican v-blogger and YouTube star. He has a YouTube channel on which he posts videos. In the videos, he gives his sarcastic comments on events and news in the showbiz industry.

DJ Akademiks was born on May 17, 1991, in Spanish Town, Jamaica. His full name is Livingston Allen. Her parents or sibling names are not available. He has one brother. In 2001, his family migrated to New Jersey. Back in high school, he was timid. He attended Rutgers University where he studied bio-mathematics. During Akademik’s school days, he used to be a Disk jockey of Rutgers University radio station.

DJ Akademiks Net Worth 2018-2019

DJ Akademiks has kept his personal and dating life away from the public domain. Very few know about his life. He probably fears gossips. It would be ironical if he saw a video criticising him on his YouTube channel. He is currently single. There was a rumour that he is gay. However, there is no proof to support that claim. He attended St John Missionary Baptist church when he was young. Up to date, he is still a strong believer of god.

DJ Akademiks has a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers and over 485 million views. On that channel, he posts commentary videos about other celebrities. Due to his line of work, giving the sarcastic comments he makes about celebrities, he has some of the rappers involved in those videos become hostile toward him.

Many celebrities and fans say that he lacks respect towards others. In his defense, he claims that he only talk the truth. Therefore, instead of getting mad at him, they should be angry at the things they do. Some of his victims according to them include Mensa, most p, wale, meek mill and Soulja Boy. He says that he is currently working on an album. He claims that he happens to be very proud of it.

All the fans can do is wait for its release. Then, they can rate it and judge. In the 2017 spring, he started a debate show “everyday struggle.” He made the show in collaboration with rapper Joe Budden.

DJ Akademiks Net Worth

As a v-blogger, rapper and DJ, DJ Akademiks make real money. He earns money from ads on his videos. DJ Akademiks has an estimated net worth of $700 thousand.

DJ Akademiks is a v-blogger, rapper, disk jockey and entertainer. He has a YouTube channel dedicated to TV stars and gossip. He also has a channel devoted to violence in Chicago called the War in Chiraq. He has been recorded saying that he will get rid of it. He claims that that is the most stupid things he has seen in a while. He is against war and violence. Actually, instead of attacking his critics, he apologises and moves on with life.