Darlene Ortiz Net Worth 2019

Who is Darlene Ortiz and what is her net worth 2019? This radio personality, Darlene Ortiz is best known as the former wife of American rapper and actor Ice-T. Darlene is a model, PT, fitness instructor; radio host at Sirius XM and with the release of her recent book, ‘Definition of Down’ has turned into an author as well. She met the rapper in a club while shooting for a film named ‘Breakin’ in 1984. And soon they started dating. Darlene has appeared in two of Ice-T’s albums including ‘Rhyme Pays’ and ‘Power’. She actively posts loving captions and images with her father on several social media platforms, which reflect the bond they had.

Early Life

Darlene had a tough childhood, dealing with an alcoholic and abusive mother. Despite all the drama in her childhood she was still very close to her dad with whom she used to go fishing, camping and plays sports. She was the youngest kid in the family, where all of her sisters ran away from the house before turning 14. In an interview, Darlene talked about her messy equation with her mother, she claims the only reason her mother stuck to her was because she was getting child support money. Although she has never disclosed the identity of her family, in an interview she told that both of her parents have passed away.

Darlene Ortiz Net Worth

Darlene has a son named Tracy Marrow Jr. who was born in 1992, which she had with her then boyfriend Ice-T. The couple was together for 17 years, and their separation really affected Ortiz. The couple broke their marriage in 2001.

Recently she released a book talking how it’s not always fun and easy loving or dating America’s favourite rapper, talking about the hardship she had to go through while trying to sustain her sanity.

Net Worth of Darlene Ortiz

The former wife of Ice-T claims to be a group instructor, PT, radio personality, author and a songwriter, on her Instagram bio. Darlene gained most of her fame because of her ex partner only. The net worth of Ortiz is estimated to be around $600 thousand. The sales of her book ‘Definition of Down: My Life with Ice-T and The Birth of Hip Hop’ will surely add few digits to her net worth. She feels her book can be an inspiration for people who are going through a breakup or trying to move on.

Darlene is also know to serve as a model, some of her works include King Magazine, for which she posed in a white cut out of monokini. Apart from this she also serves as fitness instructor, which is evident from the way the star has maintained her body. She also works as a part time radio host at the Sirius XM, where she has managed to create a name for herself and is considered one of favourite hosts of the listeners. After the release of her first book, who knows Darlene might consider becoming a writer.

In her book, she bares it all, discussing her life with Ice-T. How she met the rapper when she was only 17, she claims that her relationship with him defined most of her youth, which is one of the reasons she was so traumatised after their breakup. She always wanted to tell her story, and this book gave her the opportunity to reflect on to her earlier love life. The book cover features her flaunting her curves in a white bikini. She also talks about how media declared her as Ice-T’s first vixen after she posed for her husband’s ‘Power’ album cover.

She feels Ice-T grew with her and that’s what makes their past so special. It’s tough for her to see Ice-T with his new girl Coco Austin, but she manages to hold her composure for the sake of their child and Ice-T’s happiness. She has reflected her perspective, of how and why their relationship ended. Ice-T never disclosed the reason behind there breakup, if you are curious, buy the book and read it.

The radio personality is doing well for her and this book seems to have given a closure from her relationship with Ice-T. She has moved on and is focusing on her new career prospects now. She is obviously a multi talented individual who is still exploring her career. She no more wants to be denoted as the former girlfriend of Ice-T, and wants to start her life afresh, while holding on to the happy memories.