Criss Angel Net Worth

This celebrity of present age 49 years is better acknowledged by the stage name as Criss Angel. You can perceive that Angel is an American-based illusionist and magician. His fame is high as Angel has stayed on primetime television for period of many as compared to any magician ever. This was noted between Angel’s television series as well as many specials delivered on network and cable television. Net worth of Criss Angel is high as he too possesses many world records recorded throughout his magic presentations.

Criss Angel Biography

Criss Angel basically belonged to Hempstead located in New York. It is known that Angel was brought up in Elmont till he was in fourth standard, the time after which his family got shifted to New York. His father possessed a restaurant as well as run a doughnut factory. This magician is basically the star as well as inventor of the famous A&E network show entitled as Criss Angel Mindfreak. His aunt initially presented him to career in magic performances at age of 7, after training him a card hoax. Angel’s curiosity in magic developed, and during course of time, he also completed graduation and then sought to be a magician professionally.

Criss Angel Net Worth 2017-2018

It is found that, he accomplished his initial magic show at the early age of just twelve, earning $10. By the age of fourteen years, Angel did performances during studying at school at place like restaurants. Moreover, his leading major illusion was the one that made his mother drift in their domestic warren.

Angel started career early and his initial television presence was noted to be done in year 1994. In this performance, Angel worked as a portion of ABC primetime known as Secrets. It is found that the initial follower of this magician was director named Clive Barker. In year 1995, Barker requested him to team up him on film entitled Lord of Illusions. Moreover, he too recorded in his album entitled World of Illusion: System One. It is known that Barker stated about Angel that he is amazing, a remarkable combination of unrealistic magic.

Discussing about his career in television, Angel too featured in year 1997 television movie entitled The Science of Magic as well as year 2003 sequel entitled The Science of Magic II. Criss Angel Mindfreak, noted as Angel’s initial television series, was basically a show done Angel, which in year 2001 was selected. The time when he was not doing the show, this magician served on the streets endorsing the magic show to walkers.

It is found that his show-Criss Angel Mindfreak continued for over 600 performances recorded during years 2001 as well as 2003. It was in year 2010 that Angel collaborated with IdeaVillage in order to launch the famous collection- Criss Angel Magic Collection. It basically contained 6 Mindfreak Magic Tricks commands, 250 trickeries, as well as a magic kit dedicated for kids.

Discussing about his awards achievements, Angel received prestigious award -the International Magician Society’s Magician of the Year. Moreover, he also gained prestigious title named as “Magician of the Decade” in year 2009 as well as title- “Magician of the Century” in year 2010. It is found that this magician was ranked as 22nd recipient of the Louie Award in designation of exceptional accomplishment in the field of magic. Moreover, Angel too made appearances on the popular covers of magazines like Genii and Magic.

Criss Angel Net worth & Income profile in 2017

As Criss Angel worked in various field like he worked as illusionist, magician as well as an actor, he records high net worth of approximately $55 million US dollars as of 2017. Till now in his career, Angel has worked effectively as a magician as well as illusionist and you can say it almost for his whole life. His childhood passion in field of magic just intensified as Angel grew elder.

Criss Angel earns millions of dollars every year by the show, as well as he is known as one of the main fascinations in Las Vegas history.