Christopher Nolan Net Worth

Who is Christopher Nolan and what is his net worth 2018? Christopher Nolan or Christopher Edward Nolan is an English-American director, screen writer, and producer. He is often called one of the best directors in the world. Nolan can be called as the most successful filmmakers in the history of Hollywood.

Christopher Edward Nolan was born on 30 July 1970 in London, England. His mother was an American flight attendant and later an English teacher and his father were an advertising executive. Christopher has both American and English citizenship. His childhood was spent between London and Illinois. Christopher has two brothers in which his older brother is a convicted criminal. At the age of seven, Christopher starts making films and hasn’t stopped since.

Christopher Nolan Net Worth 2018-2019

At seven Nolan borrowed his father’s Super 8 camera and started shooting a film with his action figures. The seeds for his talent were sown very young. From a young age Nolan became interested in making movies.

Nolan went to the Haileybury and Imperial Service College which was an independent school in Hertford Heath, Hertfordshire. After Haileybury and Imperial Service College he attended the prestigious University College London to study English literature. He went to the college specifically for its filmmaking facilities. At University College London he became the president of the Union’s Film Society with his girlfriend Emma Thomas. During this time he shot two films.

After graduating from college Christopher Nolan worked in industrial films as a camera operator, director, and script reader. He also made his third short film called as Doodlebug during this time. From 1998 to 2004 Christopher Nolan’s film career took off. He made his first film by gathering funds from his friends and family which was called “Following.” The film was a great success. His breakthrough hit was “Memento” released in 2000. After the success of Memento Nolan became one of the biggest directors in Hollywood.

Some of his best works are in the “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” “Inception, “Interstellar,” “Dunkirk,” and “Insomnia.” Around ten of Nolan’s films have made more than US$4.7 billion worldwide. He has won seven Oscars during his life time and has been nominated for 26 Oscars. Nolan’s movies explore ethical, physical, and sociological concepts.

Christopher Nolan is married to Emma Thomas whom he met while studying at the University of London. The couple has four children together. Currently, the couple resides in Los Angeles.

Christopher Nolan Net Worth

Christopher Nolan net worth is around $235 million. Most of his income comes from his hit movies which have made billions at the box office. His movies Inception made $823 million at the box office, The Dark Knight made $1 billion, and The Dark Knight Rises made $2.5 billion.

Christopher Nolan is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He has established himself as one of the most respected and highest grossed directors in Hollywood. His body of work is known for special effects and nonlinear way of telling a story. Most of his movies have an underline meaning and they explore the human nature. Nolan has a lot to offer and has been working on many projects.