Charles Stanley Net Worth 2019

Who is Charles Stanley and what is his net worth 2019? Charles Stanley is the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church located in Atlanta, Georgia. He preached and believed in the dispensationalist and evangelical theology. He is the president and the founder of ‘In Touch Ministries’. He has also served at Southern Baptist Convention in 1984 for two years.

Early Life

Charles Frazier Stanley was born in 1932 on 25th September to Charles Stanley and Rebecca Stanley. He was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and was brought up in the Danville’s outskirts. He was titled as a Born-again Christian at the age of 12 and started his minister duties at the age of 14.

Charles Stanley Net Worth

Charles completed his graduation from the University of Richmond, then attained his master from Texas’s Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.s.

He married his wife Anna Stanley in 1958, and the couple divorced in 2000. The couple had been married for 40 years, so the world was shocked when the couple separated without stating any valid reason.

He has two children named Andy Stanley and Becky Stanley. His son Andy serves as a Pastor at the North Point Community Church in Georgia. Charles is known for mentioning his kid’s names in his sermons, to help his audience to connect with his teaching and words more. He basically specialises in evangelical theology.


Charles has hosted TV shows like ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘The Chapel Hour’, and ‘In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley’. He has also appeared in shows like ’19 Kids and Counting’ and ‘TBN’s Praise the Lord’.

Charles show ‘In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley’ is available in 50 languages, which is aired on 500 radios, including 300 television station and multiple satellite networks around the world.

Charles Stanley has written dozens of books like ‘Making The Bible Clear’, ‘The Love of God’, ‘A Touch of His Power: Meditations on God’s Awesome Power’, ‘Into His Presence: An In Touch Devotional’, ‘Living the Extraordinary Life: 9 Principles to Discover It’, ‘Handle with Prayer’, ‘Stuck in Reverse: Break Free From Fear and Disbelief and Enjoy the Good Things God Has for You’, ‘When Your Children Hurt’, ‘God in Control’, and ‘Our Unmet Needs’.

Apart from being a Christian Minister, Stanley is also an avid Photographer, whose work has graced the pages of the In Touch Magazine.

FBA members held a voting for Charles Stanley, to ensure that their pastor stays with them, for as long as possible. Now that Stanley is single, he is eligible to keep the position with him as long as he doesn’t marry again.

Charles Stanley has been awarded the prestigious award in the world, the honour to serve the Lord, and guide his children, in the right direction. Plus his followers are a gift which is much bigger than any award in the world.

Net Worth of Charles Stanley

Charles Stanley has an estimated net worth of $1.7 million. He has made his fortune by doing several TV and chat shows, talking about Christianity and the all the myths revolving around the religion. He also gets the royalty for his taped shows and books which he has written in the past.

Charles Stanley preaches equality and peace. His idea revolves around the law of the universe and almighty. Unlike stereotypical ministers, he doesn’t discriminate or pass insensitive statements against people’s presences to prove his point. He is one of the most recognised ministers in the world who is followed by millions of Christians across the globe. People of other religion also find his show peaceful, which doesn’t centralise on the religion rather it focuses on the unification of God.